Audi R8 V10 vs V10 Plus drag race: how much difference does 69bhp make?

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44 Responses

  1. marcuskuip

    Wow, that non-plus was gaining fast! If the runway was any longer the Plus would've lost because of the drag of it's rear wing.

  2. Top Vehicles

    There are some annoying things in this video. First one is that drivers are idiots, why do they press and HOLD start button until engine is turned on? Just press it once shortly.. OMG
    Second.. Launch control is supposed to be used in 2-3 sec, not to HOLD car in 5-6 sec. You should find new drivers for these expensive cars. Guys from this video are for VW Polo and Skoda Fabia.


    Well as the speed limit is 70 mph, a little pointless really.

  4. Gabriel Boardman Frederico

    Not worth the extra cash if u are looking for more performance. Too small of a gap…

  5. Rankon

    Can you take the V10 plus without the spoiler? I just think that it does not fit the car.

  6. Sm M

    A few points on this :-
    1. The weights are incorrect, or rather the numbers quoted are measured against a different standard. Of course the Plus is lighter – that is one of the selling points of the car; carbon front and rear diffuser, fixed carbon spoiler etc. The 1630kg quoted for the Plus is an EC weight and includes a 75kg driver, the 1595kg quoted for the V10 in a DIN weight and excludes driver weight. Come on AutoExpress, you should know this. So on a like for like basis, the weights should be :-
    V10 1595kg (DIN) 1670 kg (EC)
    V10+1555kg (DIN) 1630 kg (EC)
    The Plus is lighter by 40kg
    2. As mentioned in some comments, the gear ratios are different. First and Second gears are the same, but 3rd to 7th are higher geared on the V10 and on that spec 7th is more of a cruising gear. I doubt the V10 reached 7th in that video
    3. Dyno tests have shown that the actual differences between the two variants is more in the region of 30hp and not 70hp. Its controlled by software and not any mechanical engine differences. You can "unlock" the V10 power to V10+ power with a simple tune though you may say goodbye to your warranty.
    4. If you look at this months hard copy of Topgear the V10 was actually marginally faster than the V10 plus from 0-100mph although it doesn't state if the test conditions were the same.

  7. David Hayes

    You need a disproportionately large increase in power for supercars to push the envelope on driving experience.A 13% increase does little, certainly at the top end. If you increase the power in a Honda Jazz from 89 bhp to 101 bhp, then there is a large change in performativity. Getting the power down for supercars seems to be as important as huge increases in power.

  8. AkaAndyKnuckles

    How about top speed. Does the wing hold the Plus back?

  9. YH S

    20,000 quid💷 is a lot of money for such a incremental differences…
    I'll go for the standard V10 if I buy.😜

  10. Reon Storm

    Why is the V10 Plus so much heavier? 35KG ?The carbon fiber wing and a few extra parts cant be that heavy?

  11. Kris K

    The V10 clearly has a lead there at start. 0-60 should've been better on the V10.

  12. Gary Doctor

    500 quid remap and the 533 is 602 and faster coz its lighter.

  13. dominicancash

    Lol shit looks like it was 69whp completely demolished.

  14. 93remix

    this is the way a comparison is supposed to be! 2 THUMBS UP!!

  15. Larque Fausse

    Pretty cool to see a side-by-side drag race between two trim-levels of the same car. Don't normally get to see this kind of stuff.

  16. Mathew Beattie

    Ok how can the R8 V10 be 3.5sec to 60mph when the Plus is 3.0…yet at the overhead shot from behind (1.02) the Plus is clearly behind? I also don't understand the end of this video with the Plus loosing significant ground while ahead. The video is not matching up to the stats and is causing me confusion on what to believe.

  17. BlackWind

    How can the V10 catch up so much at the end? Editing magic or what? Or did the V10 Plus driver thought the race was over?

  18. waitwuttt

    predicted it to beat the v10 by about 2 car lengths ended up being about 3 not bad

  19. klopmarick

    please old audi R8V8 vs old audi R8 v10 vs new audi R8 v10

  20. Steven J

    ew what grainy disgusting footage with saturated colors coming from that shitty panasonic you're filming with. You'd thing youd have a better camera.

  21. tanafc96

    Love videos like this fun interesting an you learn from them

  22. ChainsawDude

    strange the plus is 0.5secs up at 60mph but only 0.4 secs up at 100mph

  23. Alexander Pearce

    Can auto express explain why at 1:19, the normal v10 is gaining on the v10 plus? Or is it just a matter of editing several drag races?

  24. aistis72

    69 difference is useless maybe 100 hp would be a difference

  25. Casey Weaver

    What are the actual differences in the engine? Is it just detuned?


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