#AustrianGP: All of the Best Action

All the very best clips from a fantastic weekend of racing at the #AustrianGP. ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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33 Responses

  1. Alicja Starzyk

    I've been watching that last manoeuvre >1000 times, but I still get goosebumps.

  2. mario pathibang

    AD04 will be the world champion of 2017 mark my word…

  3. wertyamatz22

    i like vale, but i fvcking hate his retarded fans

  4. Reza Fadriansyah

    if vale do like marquez do in last corner,
    rossi fans said : "amazing, awesome, legend, bla bla bla"
    if marquez do,
    rossi fans said : "very dangerous, fvck, bla bla bla"

  5. h0iJ0i

    At first i was like: F*** you MM, thats way too dangerious!!!! But than i just think we are watching MotoGP and MM just tried everything to win. THIS is racing! Great performance from both especially from Desmodovi, that was so smart!

  6. RidingwithSam

    that slide from MM, no wonder they are the best of the best in motogp

  7. ef heinnenh

    it was terific race… never seen before… good entertaint for MM93 and the smart rider for Dovi.

  8. Paulo Grupe

    Marques is an irresponsible. It could have ended Dovizioso's run. He does not limit you.

  9. The Maniac

    I am very disappointed with Rossi. I think he should change his team.

  10. Dimar RF Siregar

    Dovi's move was super brilliant … outsmarting Marc's obsessive tactic. LOL

  11. Fabio Shinoda

    Essa pista não favorecia a Yamaha. Marquez dominando o campeonato e Dovizioso sendo o grande protagonista da Ducati. Lorenzo mais uma vez, só nas desculpas…
    Rossi teve um domingo infeliz.

  12. Unclerules

    Dovi, hart & soul! Race for the history! If this was Rossi it would be on every TV station on world like epic battle. . .

  13. pradhuman rehal

    I just love motogp, its the only motor-sport where i see good overtakes and defenses.

  14. UndercoverBiker

    Marc wanted to cheat, but dovi was wise and calme.

  15. Adam Jungfer

    Whoever's taken over the sound production for the YT videos: Well done mate. Big improvement.

  16. Gerard Jaleo

    Should make reviews like the ones from Liberty Media now do

  17. Kevin Salas Inzulza

    Last corner was increible. Both have big hearts and balls