Auto-Mafia How to Build A Budget Drag Car (Part 1) – Buy New Performance Parts Here! If you want to help us make Auto Mafia Racing even better follow this link to support us! Even $1 …

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  1. Nova

    Really not every guy can afford a badass V8, also some of the newer V6 muscle cars are pretty badass for what they are!

  2. Patrick Huszarik

    oh yeah and it's running 10.50s on a 10 bolt.

  3. Patrick Huszarik

    my nova weighs 2850 full race weight with steel doors, fenders, and stock dash. so honestly the Nova (or a car on the same platform like a Ventura) if you could get a good price on it would have been good too.

  4. mr42ndstblvd

    if you want to go fast for dirt cheap you get a beetle and a van motor and turbo it

  5. Jim Po

    Idk about the nova my grandpa used to race them stripped it weighed 2500 pounds

  6. Birds Are Dicks

    You should rename the video "looking at pictures of cars and describing them"

  7. Danny Rodriguez

    i want to start mechanics but i dont know where or how to start i need big help
    im only 15 but want to start early

  8. MrThecountryman1

    Haha tell that v6 is for a woman to the grand national, it was a bad mother fucker

  9. Lone Wolf

    yea but that's a person. literally anyone can vape. your car doesn't choose if you smoke drink heavily Rob or anything. that's your choice. it's a nice car that I hope I can have in the future next to a 2004 mustang GT and other cars I want to build. evos are a really nice good fun car that you can play around with.

  10. Lone Wolf

    Your making a lot of claims about women i'd watch your mouth my dude

  11. Lone Wolf

    Evo owners are not douches. They are a nice car with lots of power. Just bc someone owns one doesn't mean they are douches.

  12. James Gray

    Me and my dad are swapping a 1987 v6 Buick Regal to a v8

  13. Johnnie Green

    I got my CRX for free from a friend luckily. registered. rolling shell. no motor and missing a bunch of shit. and the car is a rust bucket. aka a death trap. but I knew this from the beginning. I enjoy having a beater that is reliable.

    anyways, I got lucky got a complete b16a 1st gen JDM swap from a friend for 750$

    mounts b swap from Yonaka (eBay brand type company ) for 80$ (and they work great. but I do plan to go has port.)

    new stock denso radiator and fan. 165$

    did the timing kit just because I didn't want problems in the future. and didn't know the motors original miles. so preventative mainmaintain00$ or something. I forget.

    new clutch kit. from luk clutches. wasn't a stage 1 or anything but was "performance" you can say.
    didn't want to worry about clutch going out. I wanted a fresh clutch. so again preventative maintenance. 100$ or 120$ I forget.

    already had a lightweight flywheel.

    50 trips to the junk yard. (literally and still counting)

    fuel pump went out. had to get a new one. I think it was from SportJDM or something. 255 flow rate. (so higher then stock. no other fuel system upgrades. just got it for a deal). new 50$

    so obviously some of it was optional. I got the car completely free. so it made it a cheap project. but its not like the car was worth anything before this.

    100$ to weld exhaust together. free exaust with car 2.5" piping.

    innovative short shifter and link shiftage. free came with car.

    main point. a lot of making a budget project or whatever you wanna put it. is where you get your parts from. I could of spent way more on name brand. but didnt wanna spend a shipload even though I do regret not buying name brand stuff.

    engine is stock besides exhaust intake. not tuned or anything. bone stock. but for a CRX its fun and reliable. just a death trap. don't know what I'm running 1/4 mile wise. but with the right driver I assume 14 to 15 seconds . I hope for low 14's but don't know till I go to the track.

    car is gutted. nothing under dash. no passenger seat. some interior. but off the lot the car is 2103 pounds.

    I haven't weighed mine but with driver I hope to be 2050 but I think it will be a little less.

    again those numbers are just my assumptions. but the power to weight ratio makes the car fun whatever it is and its stock like mentioned. so can't wait till I actually make power.

    its a daily driver. reliable just had ignition coil go out. otherwise it never broke down etc.
    it leaks oil from some gaskets. but nothing to serious. but still have to fix. I won't act like my b16a is perfect. but it has been reliable. again, do preventative maintenance. and always maintain the car. check fluids. etc..

    I just want to share my project. it was cheap. but I did all the labor (well my pops and I) and I got the car for free. bought parts cheap. got things for free. those were what made it cheap overall.

  14. DumpsteProductions

    72 Nova weighs 3199 factory curb weight, dont know where you got 3700 pounds from.

  15. TurtleGames

    Why show cars that cost $10,000 plus first lmao, knowing you aren't getting it

  16. Audeo Gutierrez

    That blue camaro was not a LT1… it was a V6.
    i could tell because it had 110 on the dash.. that's a V6..
    and i doubt you would get a V8 z28 for 1,800.
    Even a crappy one would run you at least 2 grand.

  17. Sal Brancaccio

    wow you built a car,i like the way you go about it ,cool reviews on what car to buy to modify and all the info,you can lighten a nova i also have a 71 SS (race in stock class,327 4 spd dual 4s and just headers and a mild allowed cam) and removed a lot of stuff not needed,seats,fenderwells,cut rear and all aluminum tubs etc. but i like the way you take all into consideration for a car to build,you know your stuff and i actually learned a few things about choosing a car to make a race car…thanks for do i get into auto mafia and find races…i currently race out of Willow Springs in SoCal.. ….i do build also every day….faster ones too… id like to put my 63 Nova gasser,(actually half gasser in front and pro street rear 9in 373 gears muncie 4 speed dual quads,396 small block blower all motor…yes the usual old school stuff and turns solid high 9s every pass.) THE GENTLEMAN against you anytime….love to build fast cars and love to race…send you some vids soon from the car at willow springs this year….going soon as they start up again…hope ya like THE GENTLEMAN ….later keep racing….oh,not being rude,just competitive….love to race and brag even love to lose then i go back tinker and try to win….its all good and fun….Sal Brancaccio , owner THE GENTLEMAN 63 Nova,and founder of Bronco Racing SoCal…………COOL TO NO DOUSHBAG….LOVE IT ….personally i think weight wise,engine fitability and a sweet race car able to lighten and run in every class is the faithful 67 – 69 camaro whats your opinion ?? later BE SAFE and race on…….hey im in socal in the mojave desert (antelope valley) need race cars i know where theres novas,camaros,and 1 old early 50s chevy for maybe a gasser ….

  18. 92 camaro Drag car

    i have a v6 in mine and i ripped it out so quink

  19. LSmustangX

    sn95 mustangs dont wiegh that much more than a fox lol my new edge sn95 is less than 3000 pounds and full interior

  20. Russel Smith

    I bought a 1987 s10 for $400 and put a 350 small block my dad had and didn't want. I was going to ATC and did all the work for free and got a discount on all the parts. It ended up pushing 400hp and I made an aluminum bed so it's light but nice and it costed me a total of $3500

  21. Sean Determan

    cringed so hard when he said the crossfire must have had a huge turbo when you can hear the rather obvious whine of a supercharger. good video though just gave me a laugh 😂👏👏

  22. gavin batchelor

    I wouldn't go for a camoro because there usally to heavy

  23. MyLonewolf25

    Autos with turbos at the drags are actually faster because you don't drop off boost
    Don't forget they are also more consistent
    And torque multiplication off the list

    Don't underestimate the auto man
    And the aod can handle up to 700 hp man
    It can be built easily

  24. Marcus LaPorte

    nice my 1990 fox has edelbrock upper and lower intake , cold air, 75mm throttle body, not my built racecar but cool to mess around with and easy to work on

  25. m0nk1ez

    you know nothing about 10 bolt rear ends
    the 10 bolts you are talking about are 8.5 inch rear ends. the Ford 9 inch is just half an inch bigger on the ring. you can make the 8.5 a 8.6 with 30 spline axles that will hold up to 500 wheel horsepower
    I'm making around 350 rear horse and I have a 8.5 with 28 spline axles. I hook up real good and I haven't broken anything.

  26. Mario Sandoval

    how about an infiniti G35? what can be done to it?

  27. Shit box

    I know of plenty of second gen Novas that weigh no more than 3200 lbs, with full interior.

  28. Orithius TR

    I'm 14 years old and I own an 87 mustang, will I be able to use it to race at all when the time comes?

  29. Janoris 'Jackrabbit' Jenkins #ClampSZN

    just bought a 89 foxbody shell for $600. looking to put a nice big block and run in the low 11 seconds

  30. Xert ZeG

    I got a shell of a 68 camaro for 120$ you can get them under 5000

  31. Danny Hampton

    Non-V8 models have been made since day one with Camaro and Mustang. Many people just wanted the styling of the muscle cars but have better fuel economy. If you don't intend on racing (street or strip) why buy the V8 other than you like the sound more. And with V6s in today's muscle cars nobody should be making fun of them since they have more HP then the last generations V8s. I like a V8 as much as the next American guy but V6s have there place. I can't find numbers but I'm pretty sure way more V6 models have been sold than V8. Also I knew a girl in high school that had an 02 Mustang GT. I was talking to her about it and she said she only got it because she like the way it looked and she drove like a grandma.

  32. Eric Poitras

    That's a Notch body not a Fox Body. Fox body is hatch and Notch body has a trunk

  33. Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood

    I would have went lt1 f body. gears,stall,headers,basic bolt ons tune and a progressive 150 shot of nitrous and be done. I think you could do all that for 5k if you watch the budget