Automation Challenge – Group B Rally Car

I try to build a group B rally car on Automation, so cue a highly powerful V6 along with plenty of turbo lag. Don’t forget to like and subscribe :), also if you are feeling really generous…

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35 Responses

  1. Colin Trueman

    Try to build a sensible economy car with good storage and fuel economy!

  2. mrawesomelemons

    That hideous yellow made me think, make an 850 BTCC car! (please use that yellow on it)

  3. Tiny man Gaming

    Is it just me that realised this car was fast than both of the le mons car he built

  4. xX JDM 4 LIFE X TrollsxX

    What kinda shitty game is that just play Forza Horizon 3 best racing game and you can build a rally car

  5. Dominik Goslawski

    Go for a car that can beat caparo t1 arround the track

  6. golfzandstance timmy.nicolas

    Why are u so dumb alexxx make the gears shoorrteeerrr to make it launch fasterrrrrr

  7. golfzandstance timmy.nicolas

    You should make the gear ratios shorter not longer mr alex -_-

  8. hanson400

    Alex, a good work flow for turbo engines is to put the compression as low as possible, then adjust the turbo, then rase the compression until the engine explodes.

  9. Разафи Марсель

    How about the ultimestest delivery van Groub B rally engineer could think of?

  10. Jack Napier

    please do more of these, also if youre doing a group b rally car you should try some other test tracks

  11. MrStophel1992

    Hello like your Videos very much the Group b Cars would Not be Safe the were thin Tube frames with Aluminium roll cage and some cars have there fuel tanks under or behind the seats the where Death machines in every aspect

  12. boer harms

    whacking quality up on stuff like interior and body/fixtures adds heaps of weight.. id say only add quality on running gear parts

  13. UGU Zach

    Cool. One problem: Your competition (specifically Lancia) does 0-60 in 2.2 seconds.

  14. Clippy With A Gun

    From the front it kinda looks like if they rebooted the Alpine in the 80's.

  15. Caleb Stroupe

    With the mighty wing mod you could make a modern GT class race car… It would also be cool to see your take on a modern(ish) version of a Shelby Daytona.

  16. New Chrystales

    Failrace! Don't use +15 safety! Very high safety is the sort you'd see in presidential limos with bulletproof glass.
    The less safer the car, the lighter it is. Because less safety is the equivalent of leaving more unnecessary parts or 'race stripping' the car. That's why yours was horribly slow.

    Also, I'd recommend you try the play the tutorial scenarios for basic stuff like this.

  17. Wiseguy7

    I was a little disappointed that you picked an Alfa style car but didn't pick an Alfa style grille. It would be great if the next build is a V12 Ford Transit race van.

  18. Josh Shepherd

    Make a competitor for the chiron next (price, top speed, power figure, 0-249-0 etc) . Whether it be the egg route or the venom f5 route I'd love to see it.