AWD vs. FWD vs. RWD Explained With Rally Cars

We joined our friends at the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire to test out three famous vintage rally cars: a front-wheel drive Saab 96, a rear-wheel …

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28 Responses

  1. chuck norris

    thank you, I learned a thing or two and that's always good.

  2. Bryan Ramirez

    Ima thumbs up just because of that nujabes mix! Thumbs up for nujabes!

  3. I know you're right, but

    You left us to decide which one is best, but I'm not that smart.
    I see AWD is best for rally, is that correct?

  4. SoldadoRamos

    now i know if my car it is fwd or awd or rwd

  5. Fad Hill

    Oooh I recognized the Saab 96. Was featured in /Drive.

  6. People need Love

    It's been a while since i haven't been behind the wheel, and this video made me excited about driving again…
    I would love to drive that beautiful Volvo in that beautiful snowy landscape…
    (Not an english speaker, be polite please.)

  7. snelmau5

    I lol'd so hard at how he pronounced "Markku Alén"

  8. Iain MacDonald

    There may be less weight in the rear of a rwd car, but the weight transfers rearward during acceleration, meaning more torque is required to break traction than if the car was fwd. Its not really a drawback as stated in this video.

  9. Chris Keech

    3:50 those tires are nasty! I know they're custom, but what brand did they start as?

  10. The Miniature Scenes

    think the exhaust on the Saab was an after-thought.. 'oh shit where's the exhaust goin??"

  11. DFWs Cars

    Makes really good sense, back with the power of those Sabb type cars– the front wheel drive made good sense.

  12. Nissand21 guy

    Datsun 510 was rwd when it did yhe safari rally even with low power it was reliable as hell

  13. shards hunt

    anyone who thinks fwd has better traction than rwd doesn't understand weight transfer. unless your car has no power to speak of or weighs a ton the weight transfer from acceleration will easily out do engine weight, giving rwd superior traction.

  14. ishouldgetalif3

    Weren't DKW and Audi both part of Auto Union? until VW bought up Audi in the early 70s.

  15. Kostas Sterling

    Someone actually mentioned New Hampshire? What is this sorcery?!? (Yes I am from NH)

  16. Lazar Nedeljkovic

    Omg the emotion in his voice is just incredible

  17. TheHypnotstCollector

    I had a set of Saab 3-carbs for a 2 stroke. I scraped out a Saab for parts. Carried those carbs around from 1974 until 2000 when I left the Santa Cruz mountains and moved to the Sierra mountains. too many odd ball items, had to let go…..I tried to give them away but never met anyone who needed them. Today, with ebay and such I could have helped some little Saub-er

  18. Ej Icon

    Great video. This will please a lot of the new Subaru owners who ask what the differences are.
    Thanks a ton.

  19. Sensekhmet

    DKW Munga was a Jeep copy? Never heard that one…

  20. Matt Bonaccio

    Boring video, but I liked it because of the sheer awesomeness of featuring classic Swedish cars and an Audi! (Some of my favorites!)