Awesome Drift Racing

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33 Responses

  1. Россия: Как дела?


  2. kev p


  3. Mouhamad Mido

    انه جميل تلك سيارت البأم الحمراؤ

  4. Cactus Anal

    what kind of suspension setup do these cars use?

  5. Rotatin

    Just watched this whole video to see the rx7 from the thumbnail drift and it wasnt even in this fucking video. Waste of my life, thanks

  6. CALI643

    This channel is fucking weird man! Out of all these videos this is the only good one…

  7. Jaycob Merritt

    One more year until i get my car world better watch out

  8. Olivier Desjardins

    Nissan are the best drifting cars <3

  9. Charlie Ash-Farmer

    Drifting is what i want to do when im older (im 12)

  10. Nicholas Ramos

    This has to be in japan… i dont think americans can drift that good lol

  11. Nestor Gonzalez

    Street tiers is what i had on my 240 before wrecking it…..
    Dont drink and drift peer pressure will get your car wrecked.

  12. Дамян Деймън

    thats perfect. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. i am telling you, simply put your email and number and wait for your parcel. have a try and enjoy 🙂 :

  13. Mr.PokerFace

    If not subs then you can watch it with the guy talking over Keiichi in English.

  14. Mr.PokerFace

    Im 13 years old and have no idea how to do this but I'd suggest u watch the drift bible by Keiichi Tsuchiya in subtitles. very helpful :).

  15. Mr.PokerFace

    orange and white car just gets it done every time xD

  16. DaZomboy

    Good acceleration too, you dont want to be coming out of a drift at 30 mph 😛