Awesome Drifting Compilation! With Original Sound | Video Digest

One of the most epic drifting videos you will see. Cars drifting, cars burning out, cars sliding, cars driving fast, it’s a great watch for all you car lovers out there!

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21 Responses


    I have to say It takes a lot of skills to do a clean drift

  2. CookstarZ

    The song is: Deja vu- initial D … youre welcome.

  3. Chase Chadick

    Well that's one way to clean the leaves off the street😂😂

  4. josiah JACOBSON

    OMGS the last one made me laugh so hard😂

  5. KERYO

    the music at the beginning is from the original movie soundtrack , Brick mansions

  6. lego technic

    Original sound? Don't tell me that this siht was coming from the exhaust of that s13!!!