BANNED Race Cars | Too overpowered, dangerous and “too costly” | TOP 5 PART 2

BANNED Race Cars. This video is showing you the Top 5 banned race cars based on their racing potential.[Part 2] This Video contains: Can-Am racing cars, …

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35 Responses

  1. Christopher Marshall

    BULLSHIT!!! The Daytona was NOT the first car to break the 200MPH speed barrier!! The FIRST car to do this was MERCEDES-BENZ!! It was done by Rudolph Carracciola in the early 1950's. He drove along one of the autobahns in Germany at 270+ MPH!! Do your research!!!

  2. BulletSpoung

    I thought for sure the Pollution Packer would be number one on this list.  Think of a drag car that's as quick as a bottle rocket.

  3. zhain0

    i had a 600nhp+ r32 gtr, best car i have and ever will own

  4. Alien Abductor

    Great video. Didn't knew your channel. Thumbs up and subscribed. 👍

  5. Jeremy Sharpe

    Twin turbo… flat 12… 1500hp…. I just came

  6. Jaush

    an engine cant be overpowered, just people that don't know how to control the power.

  7. vincent bosma

    Really missing the Mazda LMP1 car here. With its rotary engine won the 24h Le mans after which rotary engines were banned.

  8. heirofaniu

    It's a damn shame what NASCAR did to the aero cars.

  9. Fυℓℓвяιηg

    So people make these amazing cars to compete and because it was made so good they BANNED it..ok..

  10. twincam16seca

    the first car, bnr32 gtr has a rb26 which 2.6L not 2.5

  11. Jonathan Dexter

    Jelousy fucks a lot of shit up in the world.

  12. gary gibbs

    It's still Jap scrap. They are barely a real race car.
    Detroit iron is still the real deal!
    Jap cars are total shit!
    Nothing like a large V8 supercharged making real jam not this sewing machine bullshit!

  13. L LL

    Your Superbird assessment is a little off base.
    Ford had developed the SOHC 427 engine and NASCAR feared that the sportsman in
    the series would be relegated to the back of the pack so only high dollar operations would win..To mention the Hemi and NOT the SOHC is a disservice to the sport.

  14. huddzzii

    R32 GTR has a 2.6L inline 6 and whats normally aspirated?

  15. Ed Jackson

    7 should have been in the first one
    everyone knows 7

  16. PitlanePhotos

    32, 33, 34 GTRs were all 2.6L… NOT 2.5

  17. Patrut

    mazda 787b is banned too …
    13b 4 rotor engine 700+hp or sth
    and won the le mans


    Porsche is a little bitch "Big bully BMW keeps winning because are cars are shit, lets complain to the teacher so BMW cant compete and win anymore"

  19. David Rosales

    Great video. Poor spelling and obscure use of punctuation. Please go back to school but keep making videos

  20. grayswandir47

    IIRC the Porsche 917 was tuned for 1500HP for qualifying but raced with milder tuning.

  21. Patrick McCrime Dog

    It's funny to see the huge foreign brands acting like Americans. Saying to the competition "You're obviously better than us, but since we have more money, we get to make the rules." Then turn around a few years later to reveal a car that did the same thing the competition did to it. lol.