BBC Colin Mcrae Rally Cars Legend – Extraordinary People DOCUMENTARY

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4 Responses

  1. Drift MasterFlex

    im pretty sure i saw his helicopter fly over me before he crashed that day,i lived near his town and i was at the park, will never forget that finding out he passed the next day

  2. tigergti Khalassy

    No no no …. who ever has done this program is wrong …. kevin block never was or will be close to collin in rally driving …. Kevin is a Gymkhana drift master, but in rallying he never finished a rally and when he did he was way down the classification…. in Rallying there was Vatanen… Kankunen … Sainz…. Mackinen… walter Rohl …. stig…. those were the drivers to match Collin not Block…. correct your information body …..

  3. BHALT0S

    what a shame we lost 2 good rally stars in colin and Richard…. hope they are having laughs racing around the stars.

  4. Maurice H

    the best bit is that that amateur couldnt beat colin eventhough he had a much faster car