BeamNG Drive Rally/Racing Crashes and Fails #1

No “Real” cars or “People” were harmed in the making of this film. Instagram – Twitter – …

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39 Responses

  1. Panda Playerz21

    Sorry to say this but some of these cars didn't even classify as a rally car and during a race I think that the drivers would at least attempt to turn also a driver wouldn't aim for a rock on the side of the course but other than that the video is great I really injoyed the last crash it looked pretty cool if u ask me.🙂😀😀🙂


    Sean's Mitsubishi Lancer​ Evolution from F&F Tokyo drift LoL 😎😎

  3. CRISPEN Productions

    On the official website there is no BeamNG skins for Sunburst, you survived?

  4. Richard The 3rd Deibel

    You're welcome because you're the best
    Beamng drive crasher ever and it's awesome.

  5. Richard The 3rd Deibel

    Your videos are the best videos with the destruction of the cars and trucks and sport and utility vehicles and other things I have to say it's the best.

  6. Anna Maria Celano

    Grazie mille per la sua richiesta di informazioni su Gmail prima della partenza prevista del volo. La ringrazio per la tua casa a studiare e non solo

  7. GaMingChannel

    insanegaz help me i have a Q550lf with NVIDIA 745m, i7 and 8gb ram….but then beamng only sees the intel hd graphics

  8. GaMingChannel

    why are your particle effects like dust so much and how do you increase them

  9. Sylvia Webermann

    aber ich habe ich noch nicht so gut wie möglich zu machen und dann noch die

  10. joshua juatco

    Hey Insansegaz! Try Making Races! 🙂 Any Kind Of Race! But Pls Do Not Make Any Cars Crash! 🙁

  11. Carboy7

    Why would anyone in their right mind swerve left and then right ON A DIRT ROAD? You know they will crash.