ARAB DRIFTING – Hagwalah 2017 NEW Road Rage playlist Car crashes 2016 are here FAST FOOD FIGHTS playlist …

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  1. hussam noor

    المفحطيين شجعان ورفاقهم مفروض يروحوهم للجيش والقتال في الجبهات عشان يرفوا قيمة الحيا

  2. Daniel Nebulous

    They arent Drifting they mostly just slide with their stock cars

  3. Sars Ebola

    lol these crazy mother fuckers. idk what the motivation is, but they buy infidel mobiles either to show how stupid they are, or to show how awesome they are, I can't tell. do they just use these cars because they are cheap and FWD? this shit fascinates me. they hate the west, but they buy all our vehicles. even the police use crown vics lol! it's like when the other civs hate me becasue I'm dominating them in culture. also, are their roads all covered in oil that spills from the wells? it's obvious there is skill involved here but how can they make these cars do this? look how close they come to the curbs, it can't be luck every time. do these things happen because of an illegality of alcohol? nothing else to do? i have so many questions.

  4. HOTNESS !!!

    No it's not arab drifting it's saudi drifting they are crazy cool drifters

  5. NeoDreamer Awn

    All the Americans crying here go back to watch yo USA drifting fail compilation Mustang hugging fucking trees and lamp posts…!! You guys sucks at even drifting an RWD blames arabs sliding FWDs. Lol..!

  6. NeoDreamer Awn

    dayumm!! no one loves to live here is Saudi Arabia unless youre a Petrol head ❤❤❤

  7. verrez florian

    des vrais pro un camion dans la gueule en kia et c'est fini

  8. Moon Choon

    Not all arabs has balls to dat…but only SAUDI's can do this and may be some aliens too.. XD !!you guys are realy amazing…Europeans & Americans drifters are pussies infront of you guys…so they are being jealous..just let them be….you are legends my saudi brothers… <3 LOVE & Respect from PAKISTAN…

  9. wewe alwewe

    مسكين ياللي يعتقد ان التفحيط نوع من انواع الفن

  10. حمودي الحزين

    دلخ يفحط على عيون القطط.

  11. Szpagin

    If you want to risk you life for a thrill, so be it, but for the love of God, don't risk the lives of others. Doing stunts like these on a busy highway is just irresponsible.

  12. Konzilla de reprodoçoes

    ةعهفخ مخعؤخ خس يقيهبف

  13. Amine Lmrabt

    هذا ما يحصل عندما تعطي عرب gta 5 ههههه

  14. Yung Abcde

    this is literally the last thing I see before I get bombed in gta online..

  15. Mohammad Sakkejha

    Arabs don't be bothered by all these negative comments… Most of them are racist people that hate the fact that they are entertained by arabs. Let them be lol

  16. BugattiBoy97

    I'm laughing so hard cuz I just saw a old lt1 caprice in this video lol

  17. xMeNDx X

    وهذا نفس النظام بيشتهر وبيعطينا سيفون