Best Daily Driver Challenge! (MPG, Reliability, Price, Drag Race, Snow & More) || Forza Horizon 3

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25 Responses

  1. Chris Clark

    the audi looks way better, that's such a cheat move with the mpg challenge, you should look up how far the tesla will go on a charge and how far the audi goes on a tank, then he doesn't want to do a sound challenge because he has to win. hate to say it but he's a dick to cole

  2. jeff lamar

    audi looks better but im not in to estate cars

  3. KrAziiPwNaGe

    they really fucked the tesla's 0-60 on this game

  4. Zackary Schlegel

    The funny part is, Gingium was already in a fast, cheap, reliable car that could race off road……………the Subi

  5. Mojo 34sm

    The Audi looks awesome compared to the tesla

  6. boop

    Everyone just hating on gingium cause he bought the tesla with his lemonade money