Best Drifting Fails and Crashes 2017 Compilation

Car Drift Fails and Crashes Compilation Subscribe: Vk:

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28 Responses

  1. MercuryDNB

    I actually saw this guy in a drift competition years and years ago, he absolutely destroyed himself coming round a corner too quickly. Not sure if this is before or after, but it's nice to see that his badly done Skyline and his driving skills are still around XD

  2. boozobug

    Pieces of shit with wheels falling off…….and mustangs

  3. toufik tourki

    The footage of the blue gtr is fake, when the wheel goes on the car didn't touch the road


    8:18 (there accent waht ever it is) uda uda UH DIE UH DIE UH DIE UH DIE!!!

  5. The super smash bros. champion

    What would you expect if you try to drift in an AWD car

  6. King Derp

    The kid that did a donut is honestly better than every other adult in this video