Best Entry Level Rally Cars

We take a look at the best choices for entry level rally cars, which cars make the most affordable and fun cars for beginner and intermediate drivers. Subaru …

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  1. Delta Dox

    I've been thinking of getting a MK I Ford Focus 3 Door for my first rally car. Is that a good choice?

  2. DolphinOfTheDeep

    Hey guys, first off thanks for all the videos it really is amazing what you guys are doing there. Quick question, when looking for a Fiesta, are there any specific years/trims you recommend to purchase or even stay away from?

  3. Brandon Simensky

    May seem odd but I guess Ryan does it with a newer one but I been building a 99 rav4.1 into a rally car so far it's doing well and corners better than I ever pictured but again rare to see

  4. Mitchell James

    A friend of my grandfather's has a 240 for sale, under 1000$, but it's automatic, how much would a manual swap be and how common? Would it be worth it?

  5. Steve Q.A. Nguyen

    Does the independent rear suspension take a good part in the fun rally? because the FIESTA stock suspension for rear is not fully independent suspension, it is twist beam rear suspension

  6. Jared McClain

    Solid info, pretty much solidified our thoughts to find an already built used rig. I'm constantly checkin on specialstage and rallyanarchy waiting for something to pop up. Any other good spots to check out yall would recommend?

  7. cowpker4life

    hey just stumbled across your channel the other day very interesting content. I got a question what is the most realistic rally game out there atm you think? a lot of them seem to have very little grip on asphalt and weirdly gravel seems to give better traction most the time.

  8. Cars and Comments

    What do you guys do with the school cars when you're done with them? Do you sell them?

  9. rich zukowski

    What is your opinion on sedan vs hatchback for the fiesta? I notice the school only has the hatch, why is that?

  10. Peter Griffin

    What's your take on the old Audis, at least here in Germany, the 2 wheel drive ones are super cheap and spares are still pretty easily available and also very cheap. A good friend has taken his Audi 80 that he bought for 1200€ into the woods for a few times. It's super fun and it was also rather easy to get into it as an absolut amateur.

  11. Peter Griffin

    Is the Opel (Vauxhall or whatever) Adam Cup available in America? In Germany that's the path into rallying.

  12. Beaver Lake Motorsports

    The volvo rear ends are pretty expensive to mod anywhere that is not sweden. In north america, the solution is a 6 cyl. toyota 4-runner live axle with supra mkIII LSD, weir performance maxgrip kit & at least a 4.56 final drive. All that can be had for cheap, a buddy just finished that kind of mod on a 240 for just a little over 1000$ cad, really good & solid!

  13. Jordan Bell

    As I live on the UK, this isn't available to me, but in the US, a great RWD rally car is a used Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Cop cars are designed to deal with lots of abuse, and have underbody protection and tougher dampers as standard. Also, the Crown Victoria is body-on-frame, so it holds up well after crashes, and is very easy to fix. And prices start at around $1500.

  14. Bob Doyle

    I noticed you had Crown Victorias in your "fleet" assuming the engine fits into the rules of the races you want to do, thoughts on running one of them as a rally car?

  15. Cameron Gillis

    I got 280z shell for free thinking of turning it into a rally car. Is there really any competition in Rwd class? Or should I just get a fwd car? Keep in mind i also have 240z and anouther 280z so i know the cars


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