DEAR FANS THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! During this year we’ve managed to search over 2000 rallies and nearly 1000 …

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42 Responses

  1. Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    48:45 this guy needs a co-driver to help him. If he had one he had a chance to save it because he doesnt have a GPS!

  2. Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    also make videos of game craches that will get you like a 2,000 subs

  3. Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    48:17 mother nature saved that dude from getting run over!

  4. Haleriouse50 Sech_H50

    47:35 how in the hell didn't the grass get on fire? it was like pyros flame trower!

  5. YouTube BassRs

    Toivottavasti ei sattunut kun Jari Matti Latvala osui ihmiseen

  6. முகிலன் நெடுஞ்செழியன்

    Best collection ever.

  7. captain spaulding

    we all speak different languages around the world. one thing is certain though, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH is understandable to evereyone.

  8. Clorox Bleach

    i like how in drifting one little tap on the bumper they call you out but in rallying you flil 5 times and wheels down you keep going

  9. Christopher Herschbach

    The one where it's going down the dirt road when the chick says something

  10. NazgulShadow

    14:13 is that an f1 car? if yes wtf is it doing in a rally? pretty sure that it's a track car and not a rally car!

  11. Strange Fruit

    Tree vs £1K rally car = 'Tree Wins'  .  .  .  . Tree vs £1M rally car = 'Tree Wins Again'

  12. Ruairi Mccarthy

    TREES    1                           CARS    0

  13. CINE MANIA Terror e Horror

    mais um ano de ótimos vídeos esse e meu segundo ano no canal parabéns e muitos vídeos emocionantes

  14. Rick Ricky

    This is not rallying, this is cars destruction.

  15. Michel ROBERT

    Can't wait for season 3 ! Great last video for this year !

  16. 4runnerMT

    In general, my favorite bits are when you have a sequence of clips of the same corner/crest catching everyone out, especially if there's a pile of them at the end. LOL. I vote the fireball at 22:12 and the cliffhanger at 33:50 as best clips here.

  17. nate nightingale

    all the videos you guys post take me back to watching and they walked away series and havoc the only thing they miss are the comical commentary

    thanks racingfail for bringing crash compilations back