Compilation of Best of Crash 2017 WRC, ERC, National Rally Championships and Hillclimb by RACINGFAIL! DEAR FANS THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. During this year we’ve…

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36 Responses

  1. Mr Stone_age_man

    24:08 I loved this part all supporters having fun at this place and many fails..yayyyyyyyyyyyy happy to help.

  2. Böhmisches Knödel

    Many thanks for your hard work. We appreciate it very much!!!! Merry Christmas to you, sir!! Hat down.

  3. Robbie Hoekman

    Great compilation, some people may have been hurt and some priceless cars were scrapped 🙁 trees always win

  4. Ignacio Gutmann

    If you don't want to sell your old/pre-owned car, then drive in a rally championship and destroy it!

  5. Cyberoox

    At 1:53 was the spectator's dog hit? You can see the driver hit something, then hear the spectator scream "FUUCK!"

  6. TheMrpunisher77

    43:06 shame not much of a race was it LOL…@RACINGFAIL! Thank you for the best compilations ever you really have been doing a great job for sometime now so thank you for the time and effort you put in finding all the angles you can get. Shame all those poor trees that have been taken out and poles, the rally drivers should start a GOFUND me for the trees they kill. HAPPY NEW YEAR if your celebrating it…

  7. Brandon Croibier

    46 min de pur bonheur !!! Thank you for the present. 😍👏🏻

  8. MrWombatty

    Certain that at one or more of these bettered Top Gear's record of rolling a vehicle (& without using a rocket)!

  9. MrWombatty

    One of my favorites is that one where the driver takes a short-cut across the grass but manages to return to the road safely, then misses the bridge & ends up in the creek. Then we see the in-car video of a following car dive in after them nose-to-tail!

  10. Alejandro Spuhler

    Thank you for this mother of all compilation !!!! Merry Christmas RF !!!

  11. Paweł Wróbel

    I always dream about buying old ford escord but there is small amount of it in my country. After every crash with this car i said to myself: "You ** ***, you crashed my Escort! Why werent you give it to me instead of crashing?!". BTW great compilation, thanks for that 🙂

  12. Dieter Reitstätter

    its an virtual orgasssssssssssmn 2 watch ur videos

  13. Peter Crockett

    Pause it at 27:50 , slow it down to 1/4 speed and watch it once or twice and be amazed . It was just too much for the car/driver. Opinion? Was it the suspension, or driver error?

    As a retired truck driver (Big trucks, over-the-road), many times bad bumps the secret was to tuck elbows into my sides tightly with my hands at 9 and 3 and just hold on with both feet flat on the floor…

  14. Peter Crockett

    The crazy, weird flip starting @ 14:27 even the camera guy had a hard time following that one~!