Best of Rally 2016

The best scenes and drivers of rallying – Colin McRae, Jean Ragnotti, Carlos Sainz; Jumps, High Speed, Crashes, Drifts. Song : Dwyn – Stardust [Original Mix] …

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22 Responses

  1. Arthur Raber

    Anyone got the name of the video with the fake girl twirling her panties? It was pretty funny

  2. Lukas Ll

    are you just reposting other peoples videos? I have seen the exact same compilation already

  3. maayaa77

    Just put a version up without the shitty music – the best part is hearing the mad cars !!

  4. dozer1642

    This music wasn't 'that' bad. I've heard way worse. I honestly was much more affected by the new footage of the ralley racing. If this music is so offensive, you should take up knitting, it's much less offensive.

  5. Vinesauce Obscurities

    50% of comments are triggered by the music. Why so anally retentive?

  6. xTyler1997

    Fuck your shitty music u ruined the video, we wanna hear the damn cars 🙁 

  7. Alustarg

    i think that some vids is not of 2016. but GREAT COMP!!!

  8. Dermot Bradley

    The way the spectators lined the roads during the Group B days was just pure madness…..they had more faith in the drivers than the drivers had in themselves!!

  9. Tommy Magnusson

    So freakin' awesome absolutely outstanding driving and yeah skills to

  10. Hoschi0913

    never mind the cars, but the skill and nerves of the drivers…..amazing