Best Of Street Drifting 2016 HD

The Best Of Street Drifting 2016 HD w/ Raw Sounds Best Of Street Drifting 2017: Subscribe: …

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41 Responses

  1. Andi Pacquet

    Am I the only one that noticed 'The General Lee' from The Dukes of Hazard in the first one ?

  2. Angel Lizarraga

    that charger is probably the most impressive thing I have ever seen in my life. I drift my 67 Camaro around and my Mazda but I cannot imagine drifting that fucking boat lmao especially in that lane between parked and stoped cars lol

  3. SupersonicBomb


  4. Jacob Wilder

    Dukes of Hazzard at the beginning really got me.

  5. mad gamers

    გიორგი თევზაძს ხსოვნა იყოს <3 <3

  6. Mike Wilder

    The dukës of hazard lmao anyone notice that??

  7. Bob Outélama

    The guy in the BMW… should not stay in this list. He's a living danger for everyone. He will probably end killing himself or others. He is a disgrace for our hobby.

  8. Randyhall85

    proof you can be rich and still be white trash.

  9. Keezy Mann

    looks like they've been watching a lot of Tokyo Drift

  10. Chris Foster

    Geez I want that brown hatchback. Who owns that? where can I get more of that?

  11. Fowraw

    When the title says "Best Of Street Drifting 2016 HD" but the video was posted in 20th of July 2015

  12. xxDragonRBxxXBOX360

    noobs be like "that's some awesome shit right there!"
    pro's be like "naaah, there ain't nothing to it…" LOL

  13. chris barile

    The fucking police is fucking stupid mean!!!

  14. عثمان خالد

    وين هجولة السعاودة ؟

  15. e d

    I love drifting.

    I love seeing a car going sideways after someone uses the handbrake inside it while turning.

    I love seeing a person in an automobile use the brake inside that you use with your hand also known as a handbrake while turning with a steering wheel that most automobiles have built in while in the automobile factory where automobiles are made and use the braking and steering combination to make the so called automobile drive in a different angle while the the back wheels are spinning around like most wheels do, this combination is the thing we call drifting, and I have very strong feelings for drifting.

  16. Inferno Divinity

    wtf muscles can drift?!?! that had me on the first one :O