Best Rally Race Fail

Best Rally Race Fail, Snow and Sand. want more ? …

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29 Responses

  1. TobInfinity Slick


  2. Blake Piazza

    95% of these aren't fails there awesome the other ones are just crashing

  3. Bunne Rabb

    I think "fails", or, more accurately, "failures" is not quite on the money. What I see, mostly, is people driving like blithering idjits, and, well, isn't that what a rally is?

  4. Jeff Roscher

    Look at all the brain dead idiots lining the roads

  5. Steel Heart

    Ive seen their balls, its made up in titanium 😂😎🤗👊


    How peaceful rally was because of no immigrants muslim thugs were there.

  7. Sven Wollenberg

    0:26 when The cameraman was directly Hit by The Car …that was heavy !!!!!!