Best RC Drifting Ever (Lamborghini Drift Car)

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37 Responses

  1. Brandon Murphy

    It's good but far from bestir even great

  2. Bros For Life Vlogs, Tutorials, Gaming

    HMMMMM… So im not seeing this wrong this thing is First of Clickbait and two is that the car is awd should be rwd for drifting and yeah they did oil down the track

  3. Maka Kaplanisvili

    u just download this video from youtube

  4. Lalit Jain

    Great stop at the last and also loved the way he drifted all the time….

  5. Tristen Schikowski

    The yellow one hit the other one at the end

  6. RcNickster

    Awesome… Great run and love that car.. Great driving… Thumbs up and I subbed for more.. Nice work guys.. 🙂

  7. my opinion

    How fake is that its amazing what people do trick others wake up

  8. Jake

    I dont think the passenger of the other car is going to like how close you parked

  9. Mysopias

    "Maybe if we oil down the track no one will notice"

  10. Charliebitmyfinger

    what is with all the stickers on it

  11. Drz Biking

    Haha what did you do wipe grease on the track?

  12. Desmond Chen

    KALIMBA NINJA TUNA LUV DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Luka Matua

    Where i can get full rc drift cars not just body

  14. amfs987

    To be fair there this is far from the best. this driver just has alot of pratice

  15. ShockWave

    this music was in a old sponge bob episode