Funny Videos of Street Drifting Fails and Wins 2016 July. SUBSCRIBE : PRANKING MY DAD …

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36 Responses

  1. jatkinsthe1

    mad props to the guy in the silver car about a minute into the video he is insane if I could drive half that good I'd be one badass SOB


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  3. Rosann Buchert

    Lmfao! That last one drifting in the snow who recorded it originally lol I'm in the drivers seat that's the high school parking lot in Tracy, mn

  4. Elite Dude

    3:40 at this moment he knew…he f***ked up. But if I was in that car I'd be scared as a person that seen the scariest thing in the world.

  5. 1misanthropist

    6:09 The guy in black is probably dead or at least paralyzed. And at 6:53 the only thing I can think of is that the driver was trying to intentionally side ram the guy recording. Person recording at 7:39 was a total dumbass for standing there when he obviously knew ahead of time that the car was going to be pulling stunts there.(Lucky as fuck that he/she wasn't killed.) 8:29 Don't give desert people cars.11:22 That was a very skillful recovery.

  6. Destin Wilcoxson

    XD that car at 7:58 already fucked up once. Idk why the driver would try again.