Better shot – Girl hit by rally car

They really need to be more careful when performing such winter car racing. This girl was hit by the moving car when she wanted to make a better shot. Shes OK …

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48 Responses

  1. Radionut R

    Sad. What was her outcome. Who is the guy that was pushing everybody around?

  2. shadowbillyphone

    Nobody asked her to stand so close to the track. It's her decision. Honestly, I don't have any sympathy to those who put themselves in this situation. Can't blame the organizers for not adding guard rails or barrier of some sort. 

  3. jorge-jitsu

    That's what that retard gets for sitting there. Piss off! Not the drivers fault!

  4. id3550

    It's not the driver nor the organizers fault she was hit. She wasn't thinking and got too close.

  5. ethan199303

    she died I think.. camera smashed into her face hard enough

  6. Edward Snowden

    theyre all idiots for being that close, bitch had to move closer to get a shot.

  7. ollie makower

    dude I'm about to do a rally race as a photographer …….. i guess this is what i don't do

  8. DoomedAnRkist

    Ime sorry but the point should b that why do spectators feel the need to stand in the danger zone. If u cant see that the bad conditions coupled with a rally cars unpredictable handling and u deserve to be hit i mean u wouldnt stand beside a target while someone was firing a gun! Cumon people have some effin sense!!!

  9. archon808

    @curtean1978 Watch the video again. A young person holding a camera gets hit by the vehicle. Your comments dont make any sense,.. Either you didnt watch the video close enough, or maybe you dont know the english language well enough to convey your thoughts.

  10. wadu78

    @kiwiboyhard1 I'm talking about the owner of the camera einstein. THE CAR HITS THE VIDEOCAM. that car is renault clio R3 with 100km/h at least…. if contact was car->girl… her head would have been shattered to pieces and her body threw several meters away… 


    +1 thumb for him

  12. aProphecy

    How did she brake a leg? i thought that was a hit in the head

  13. wadu78

    if you look closer the driver hit the camera then the camera hit the STUPID ASS BIATCH…. I bet she's alive … with SONY on her forehead and the left eye looks like arnold in terminator… ZING!

  14. xAvispar

    an overhead shot of a rally track is like an intelligence graph. Those nearest to the track are unintelligent, those very far away have brains

  15. Chode Meister

    atleast you can see a good dad here who knows rally cars could be a dangerous thing lol. protects his little girl. or wife or w/e lol it doesnt matter.

  16. Ephraim Goff

    most of them seem pretty uninterested, like "dis happens in Russia all zhe time!"

  17. Jorge Castro

    Until now, i really dont understand why most people stand only inches away from a rally car. hayz

  18. kenpalmer1965

    When and where did this happen? Is she OK now? That really looked pretty scary! There's always a risk involved in watching rally car races that close!

  19. indiana ddd

    Why do all of the rally car spectators feel the need to stand as close as possible? That's just idiotic.

  20. Gavin Butterworth

    @worthlessdollar1 Absolutely nothing, like we just seen here. lol

  21. worthlessdollar1

    I have a brilliant idea!

    I'll stand inches away from rally cars… doing 100mph… on snow….

    What could possibly go wrong?

  22. TheJapanChannelDcom

    Spectators who get to close and get hit have nobody to blame but themselves.
    I feel sorry for the drivers.