Big Air Motocross Freestyle Jumps – MotoX Extreme Stunts FMX Freestyle Motocross Backflip Tricks

Please LIKE/FAVE/SHARE** Some sick freestyle motocross moves!… Freestyle Motocross (also known as FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross in which …

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23 Responses

  1. Charles Randolph

    I don't like how ambitions this videos are making me…

  2. David Cage

    Hahaha…. Yeah, Fluffy- the guys doing the no hands tricks are 18 year olds because the older you get the more the realise just how freakin' insane it is!

    And you've learned you healed faster when you were young…

  3. David Cage

    Awww man, cordoba's just look like a broken back waiting to happen. It's hard to know if these FMXers are the bravest, wildest guys around or just bat-shit mental.

    The full bike 360… Dunno if it's the hardest trick but I think it's my favourite. Its one thing to move your body in the air, but another thing entirely to take your bike with you and make it flip all the way 🙂 nice!

  4. FluffyJetToys

    Awesome…that's more than just mere coincidence :)

  5. LizardsUnleashed

    i swear the 3rd guy in the vid has the same helmet that i do

  6. FluffyJetToys

    absolutely! someone needs to tell the secret to becoming adrenaline-fuelled fmx experts! :)

  7. ladydelilah8

    someone needs to do a tutorial on how to do these <3

  8. FluffyJetToys

    hey thanks for dropping by – what are bubble jacks exactly?

  9. FluffyJetToys

    haha very accurate recipe for FMX success. Adrenaline fuelled FMX stunt riders certainly have a lot of courage that's for sure! 

  10. FluffyJetToys

    @petal2009ify ..their skills are extraordinary! Glad you enjoyed watching. Thanks for commenting!

  11. FluffyJetToys

    @JayRebel Thanks very much! Really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the motocross jump footage!