/BIG MUSCLE: 1961 Ford Falcon Rally Car

To most people, modifying a classic car for “drivers” means stiff suspension, big wheels, and sticky tires. For Dennis Varni, it meant rally. It meant bad gas in foreign countries, dirt,…

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38 Responses

  1. Rodney Woolnough

    he Dennis bring down to Targa TASMANIA,JUST GOOGLE Targa TAS

  2. Benjamin Schollmeier

    This is actually a '62 Falcon people. Check the fenders and grille.

  3. Jorge Dueñas

    Drive + it's so dumb. Just put your shit on TV if you wana be greedy like this. The point of YouTube is to make videos for free

  4. Kyle Malone

    Please do Larry Woo's '68 Camaro. It really is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen.

  5. Elgrinch

    Go to Argentina and you'll see a loooooooooot of falcons haha Just saying…

  6. Sascha Von Schwarzburg

    4 $ a month for drive plus , when Netflix is only 8 $ a month , oh wow i am  very disappointed , i guess i gotta find my  pro touring muscle car videos somewhere else 

  7. Tony L

    Trying to do something like this but on a budget. I got a 1974 ventura stock. Hardly any rust at all but I want to re do all the suspension/wheels/tires/motor/tranny. This is my first car and I have had it for five years and its about damn time I make it what I want. If anyones got any information for me to make this work let me know.

  8. CX157

    Why does it have a 63 Falcon front end? I like the look of the 63 better but why call it a 1961 if it is clearly a 1963 Falcon? 

  9. Carlos Rodriguez

    dam this channel turn to crap I will unsubscribed fast

  10. Proeliator Rex

    I've been a Drive subscriber for awhile, and Big Muscle has always been my favorite show there.  I thought youtube channels like this were doing okay with ad revenue, but I'm not even remotely about to pay for a subscription just so I can watch Big Muscle on Drive+.  Heck, I don't even pay for cable.  In fact, I'm now unsubscribing from the drive channel period due to this bs.  Love Big Muscle, but I hate corporate greed so thanks for the episodes in the past because I won't be watching another one.

  11. yellosuit

    Fixing to unsubscribe from /drive all together……. tired of the 3 minute videos advertising for drive plus…… This channel used to have content….. now it is just sad. Pull it together guys. Choose a path, choose to make people pay for your content, or monetize it so we can all watch for free. The ads for your pay subscription are offensive to those of us who wish to see content on a channel that used to be one of the best at providing it.

  12. Mark L

    Why a 61? Some cars look like a car a little old lady would drive. This car looks like a little old lady.

  13. balfart1

    Always looked forward to the next big muscle…. but not anymore under the new grab – you lost me too

  14. survivalOfittest

    why have we only gotten under 5 minutes of big muscle for every ep, in this season… what happened to the 10-15 minute stories and other material… we want more BIG muscle lol, not little…

  15. Craig Scheiner

    Where's the video about the Falcon? IDrive used to have great videos and I looked forward to seeing them. Lately though, there is nothing there, zip. If this continues much longer I won't even click on iDrive anymore. What gives?

  16. jdmriding

    drivin like a old faggot grandpa and collin it RALLYYEE KAR.

  17. Tom Clarke

    Petrolicious do this shit better, and free-er.

    (With no magazine to support it financially before Drive churns out the usual Evo comparison).

  18. localegogoose g

    I find myself really rooting for you guys these days…. To fail.
    When I say "guys" I mean J.F.. I hope the rest of you fuck off to bigger and better things and let J.F. /Drive this channel into the ground.

  19. MC Taipan

    But i have to say that the car was quiet fine , its not that large for being an american car but still a bit too clumsy and large to be seriously competitive. At the same time its nice to se an unusual choise for a rally car.

  20. MC Taipan

    Going the easy way and buy a subaru or any of these cars? Well if you think about the Ford mk2 escort, Audi quattro, Lancia stratos, Talbot sunbeam or the Opel Ascona then those cars were often used since they was more suited to that kind of sport. American cars were rarely used or barely used at all in rally championchips since they are quiet unsuitable and i certain periods/ classes you was not alloud tu use a car with that large engine.

  21. chris doyle

    What are you talking about ,it is called rally ,A strong body ,good engine ,And a "DRIVER" ,The type of car is irrelevant ,It is called driving for a reason ,give a good driver "A CAR" and they will beat most peoples asses ,especially on Gravel/dirt/back road,

  22. Grant Nicholson

    Just show us some adds or something, no one is buying Drive+.

  23. Bunka Fas


  24. Nigel Gough

    Just look at your DRIVE+ viewing figures. IT IS NOT WORKING.