Biggest crashes of 2015: MotoGP™

All of the biggest crashes from the incredibly dramatic 2015 MotoGP™ World Championship season.

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30 Responses

  1. Elite Dude

    Am I the only one who thinks it funny when the people slide when they wreck and they make it look like they are sitting while sliding?

  2. Android AP


  3. Davian “Captain” Thule

    "To see more bla bla bla"
    FUCK YOU! Just let US do the highlight videos (which were damn better than yours) like we used to years back.. But noooooooo You went and reported every channel that had motogp stuff uploaded. You still get less views compared to our channels back in the days. You demand people to visit your sites but still throw a "unavailable in your country" crap.. Congratz.. This is why you lost a pretty good number of your fanbase in the last years..

  4. Patrascanu Razvan

    am i the only one that really enjoys seeing lorenzo crash

  5. Kim Bremer

    Marc Marquez just cracks me  up at 1.19. Time to reflect Marc me or the  bike?  Is it his year in 2016? Rossi and Marc's scrap  was brilliant before they  had to pit in Argentina. Moto GP shits al over F1 for better  racing. Do you agree? Go the Doctor

  6. TheRandomChannelTV

    I'm surprised the entire video is not just Cal Crutchlow.

  7. Rob Farrow

    I like the guy that hung on and almost righted the bike at the end while it was still moving at 2:12 !

  8. Cyril Stu

    marquez sale tricheur j'espère que tu vas encore prendre pleins de gamelles cette saison !

  9. SLP IPX

    am i the only one thats always cheers everytime marc and lorenzo falling down?

  10. asdfghjkl zxcvbnm

    ahhh jorge (ckho-ckhe)
    how the f*c* to spell his name

  11. Bilal Hashmi

    stupid Marquez crashes all the time on it.. he can't control the power of the rc213v, we need stoner back…

  12. max99ch

    I love to see, How butt-sored Rossists still, Months have passed since the Italian lost, And their fanboys/girls keep on talking shit against Dorna and racers, Its a shame.

  13. shelvy nafirlie

    I think you guys are too cruel argue about marc. we should appreciate him, if he's a bad rider, impossible for him to could survive there😣