Biggest Motogp Crashes of all time

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22 Responses

  1. Del Entorno

    The first one could break the neck to his partner!


    Who remembered Australia 2016 moto 3


    Lorenzo deserved to brake his collarbone when you remember what he did to Rossi at Valencia 2015

  4. McMuffinFluffin

    Jesus the first one, was the rider infront paralyzed? The heck happened there.

  5. Allisson Diego Dos Santos

    thank you for not putting any garbage music over the original audio. this is how you make a good compilation video.

  6. Nick peeks

    and thats ladys and gentlemen the reason why you alway need to wear you motorclothes and a helmet when your driving your bike

  7. Rezz

    At 5:40 in you can see the first riders left leg actually get crushed by the second biker

  8. zelesluk1

    Is it me or these guys are made from rubber!!
    How comme they survive after crashes like that??!!!