Biggest wobbles and best saves in MotoGP™

Check out our video about the 2012 season’s most spectacular saves and biggest wobbles from riders across all three MotoGP™ classes. Subscribe to MotoGP …

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37 Responses

  1. Kristian G

    Holy shit this has got to be so scary for the rider, but my God is it funny to watch!

  2. Rinegn Productions

    I wonder is it the gas and Oil ratio making the bike wobble and be cranky

  3. SternLX

    Couple damn nice low side saves here as well. Elbows and knees boys, elbows and knees. :)

  4. Christo Slowrider

    When you're in doubt, gas it. saved most of the riders.

  5. Folie A Deux

    how do they do this? like do they release throttle and then clutch while this hapens or do they just hold on

  6. Jonathan Fredrick

    can't stop laughing watching them jiggle on their bikes!!😂😂

  7. Артем колючий

    Количества кирпичей которые отложили пилоты хватит что бы отстроить город :)

  8. Edor -1

    Es impresionante esas tomas y reacción de cada piloto eso lo hace la experiencia fuese un novato y para el piso va sin duda es por ello que la práctica hace al maestro

  9. NoSSaGa

    when u see it like this looks less than it really is… happened to me yesterday… god my balls will need therapy

  10. martin Rios

    Me gustan las competencias de moto gp cual es nombre de la canción q suena de fondo

  11. Gabriel Gabriel

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