Blown Smart Car Outruns Mustang | Epic Drag Race

This blown Smart Car dared to race a Shelby Mustang in a drag race of epic proportions! Embarrassing for that mustang. Original Link: …

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47 Responses

  1. Chad Stuetzel

    Haha i used to drive a mustang. So many butthurt Ford fanboys. This is awesome

  2. Paul Lalowski

    just to get rid of 666 comments that was nuts!!

  3. Miguel Zepeda

    driver was like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way down the strip

  4. kooldonuts

    Smart cars have a lot of horse power, I do my research

  5. Thomas Lee Mullins

    I think that is really neat. It is Smart and fast. 🙂

  6. Dorris Baumann

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  7. Ryder Washington

    Intelligent, advanced technology vs. Some random mechanics modifying shit together. This is why technology goes to the moon and random people can't even go to another country.

  8. jasonneal

    That's it, I'm buying a smart car, bc I is smart. I have a smart phone, a smart TV, a smart watch and drink smart water so now I will be the smartest

  9. Mad Matt Drummer

    Heyyyyy Bob seger is playing in the back round!

  10. Caleb Newton

    Should've put a Subaru engine in it and turbo'd that shit

  11. Schiavoni85

    Wheelie bars???? Please turn in your SMART car

  12. Pourin 8's

    Imagine taking that smart car to a car meet and just watching everyone's reaction when they race it

  13. DKJoe21

    Look at all these mustang fanboys crying and being butthurt their sweet pony lost and are making up all these excuses (btw I live in America and I'm into Camaros and challengers) let me just sit down and grab my popcorn and watch this go down

  14. Phoenix Drake

    I love it when people take cars, tune them up, do nothing to the exterior, and then own powerhouse cars.

  15. Radioactive


    Just shows how bad American cars can be.


  16. brandon olney

    The ignorance in this comment section pains me. It's like garbage men running an aeronautics station. And +JukinVideo the smart car lost. If you would look at the 1/4 mile time, the mustang clearly won. Furthermore, any given day, that gt500 should run a far better time.

  17. The Channel of Stuff

    Wasn't that the mustang with below 300 bhp?

  18. BruceWat

    When it comes to initial torque and acceleration:  Electric Motor > Combustion Engine.  If it helps, try to think of it like a solid state hard drive vs mechanical hard drive.  Which one acts faster?

  19. chris hunt

    Are smart cars RWD from the factory?  Something tells me there's more than just a supercharger involved here.  It takes quite a bit of suspension work alone to get a vehicle to hook up and wheelie.

    Must be a 502 with traction bars/slicks/2step/transbrake.  🙂
    From SmartCar to PsychoCar    Godspeed, my friend. 

  20. CrazyRay

    It doesn't matter how fast your Smart Car is, you still look like a sissy driving it

  21. majorjuice

    Um mustang ran 13.6 and smart car 13.9 to me the mustang won

  22. Narwhal Of Roblox

    How pathetic! Pure American muscle got SMOKED by a midget Mercedes!😝😝

  23. BruceWat

    Something to keep in mind.  Vehicles that primarily use electronic motors have 100% torque at all times. Where as a vehicle that primarily uses a combustion engine must gradually increase torque. The faster your car can increase torque, the faster it can accelerate from zero.

  24. toodeloomofoz

    that smart car weighs the same as a motorcycle