BMW E46 and Toyota Supra: Drifting Machines by HGK Racing – XCAR

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26 Responses

  1. LJ Rigos

    the e46 is a good car performance wise, until that rear subframe decides to shit on you. ask me how I know lol

  2. sleeper4life

    did he really swap the 2JZ out of the supra

  3. Joelac Hutchins

    BMW m3 and Toyota supra are the best cars ever

  4. paradoxdesigns

    people are swapping 2jz's out of Supra's? Now I've heard of everything!

  5. Rahhhhhnman

    Great video, nice edit of good footage. Well done XCAR

  6. MarvelContestOfChampionsBangBang

    serious business.

  7. Audiwan Kenobi

    this video made drifting look like thee sport to be involved with!

  8. hamzy68

    1000kg and 800bhp!!! This is why i fucking love cars!

  9. Victor Sulakvelidze

    Hey guys! Really appreciate your videos and production that stays behind it! Please, if you're doing whole video in cinematic aspect ratio, please upload it in the native resolution! There are people with 21/9 aspect ratio screens out there and we would love to grasp the whole potential of your magnificent work! Thank you! 🙂

  10. xWhiZZy

    I live next to that track, where they are located. Brings me some joyfull sounds every now and then in the mornings and midday's 🙂

  11. Brn Wnthl

    You guys are doing such a good job with your videos. This was gorgeous.

  12. Miha Bevc

    I was among the crowd on this event. Crazy show they got us. You wouldn't believe the people who turn up for this event. Everybody, from kids all the way to old ladies. Everybody was cheering.

  13. Joe Barbaro

    I live 4km from the track and i can hear all the races anyways 😀