BMW Race Car for $900 – Drifting – Part 8

Finally, after all our hard work we get to see the $900 car in Action! Look drifting up online and see what’s in your area, and GO GET SIDEWAYS. We take our …

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40 Responses

  1. NoAnchorTV

    How do I find ice racing events? I really want to try! Where are you from?

  2. David Gamel

    07 335xi… we talked at auto zone. . 100k what should I be looking??

  3. Capten

    jesus dude i dont think you could have made the voice track and lower and the music track any higher,,

  4. vipecrx

    Would be nice if could work out how to level the volume difference between your voice and the music.

  5. RageQuit Noob

    3:13 Somebody saw that I can't drift at all,so he aided me to show,how even more fucked up Z3 goes along with Dimitri in it,while he does it all and BMW has the guts to go,only thing is you have to know so watch closely as he show you all

  6. Leo Lammas

    you will need to adjust for negative camber.Special adaptors needed for
    rere wheels.That surface looks too rough for drifting. personally,Zach, I
    believe drifting and burnouts should be a capital offence.

  7. Mr. Rowan

    omg the e36 is the most easy Bmw to drift with. the e30 is hard to control, the e46 is to heavy, the e90 keeps taking control of itsself, and the e21 just sucks in keeping control of it

  8. Freek maalderink

    maybe that's the reason to build a roll cage into your car

  9. Casey Powell

    I really enjoyed your series, but as someone who watched your videos with headphones, maybe have everything the same volume, nothing more annoying than having to keep taking off your headphones because you keep talking soft then blasting your background music, overall great video and I learned a lot, thanks.

  10. backyard magic

    weld diff, stiffen up suspension, go drift ..and clutch kick helps as well

  11. backyard magic

    if you left it stripped and didn't put all the seats ,carpet and headliner back in your wouldn't have so much weight making it easier to drift all the extra weight all your doing is getting body roll making u spinn out

  12. Zakaria KTM

    Some thing else that you can do is weld a roll cage it will stiffen up the chassi a bunch and make sure you're car doesn't end up like that 240 also to help the tires break away and help you drift increase the psi in the back tires it actually helps a bunch with low horse power cars.

  13. Zakaria KTM

    This mod could destroy you're struts but it would reduce body roll because the centre of gravity would be lower cut the springs and the second mod is to weld the diff that alone will help a bunch while drifting.

  14. Zakaria KTM

    If you want to drift first get rid of all that extra weight and try to get as much as possible free power.

  15. Peter Kapica

    Hey millertimebmw, how's the oil looking on the car after being drifted a few times. I'm thinking motor is as clean as the paint job

  16. nikos95

    Disconnect your front sway bar, that'll help the rear come around 🙂

  17. Riebe Debie

    drifting with a 25% lock differential will never work, i suggest you to weld your differential, to keep it cheap. this way you have a 100% diff lock and you'll break out like nothing

  18. kraazyhorse

    for first time drifting and open diff it could've been way worse.

    strip the interior, weld your diff, and learn to clutch kick. have fun

  19. Matt Man

    I enjoyed watching all the vids I recently found a 318ti with the 4 cyl do you think this would be a good beginner drift car ?