Boston To Atlanta In A Rally Car!!

Much fun, many miles and some small insights into travel flying video lyf. Hope you enjoy! Big thanks to those who keep me in the air: …

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  1. David Owens

    Great to see this perspective of Steele along with some Cool flying footage too👍😁

  2. KittFPV

    gawd that exhaust note is just straight delicious!!! See Steele definitely knows wassup (and Snake when he drove too)!!! Man what I would do to have somebody driving that was able to give such good heads ups, I'm always just hangin on to a hope and a prayer lol…8:50 Daaaaang what a gorgeous drive though!!! Man what a sexy car! Lovvvve the blue too!

  3. Csiki_ Boi

    Huge high five from Hungary to you Snake! Im a big fan of the new vlogzz! Keep it up! Greetings!

  4. Alger Lapitan

    Really loved the chase footage part of this Vlog. Shows the skills and professionalism that goes into flights like this which is all done behind the scenes. What people usually see in fpv videos are the Crazy hyper personalities, which is what they carry over into the hobby. What they don't see is the safety, caution and professionalism that takes place once the goggles are on and the Quad is armed.

    Awesome video!

  5. Steve Maratea

    The car you are driving is absolutely identical to my whip where where were you when I was racing these

  6. Jean-Loïc Pouffier

    Drones and French Music …. Men … <3
    FYI – Caravan Palace – Russian


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