bought a new drift car and took the 1000hp bmw to the track!!!

thanks to you guys support I was able to buy a bmw e36, wich I am building into a drift car, that way I can get back out there and drift with all the guys and make …

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29 Responses

  1. tony b

    Damn Bert, that car sounds Sexy AF. It reminds me of my old car. Every time I would start it= Scare the shit out of me. Lol Unlimited Powwwaahhh!!


  2. Ylviz Gaming

    plis cut out the dubstep shit! but love ur vids man <3

  3. Mankey Mechanics

    love the music Alberto. Keep up the wubbbbb

  4. critterdude1988

    BIG BOOOOOOOST!! love the car bro and the videos keep it up man!

  5. TMVinyl

    Just a heads up big boost. Don't forget to watermark you footage. Get James to send you the big boost logo and then place it on your video when editing. Nice video and good to see you back with your own car

  6. kuda mawonde

    "This is what happens when you run BIG BOOST" 😂😂😂. I'm loving your videos Alberto, keep it up🙌👏👏👏

  7. mcastro825

    what a intro you gotta go with something about that and just like adam has that song at the end you should do big boost in slow motion like adam get u on camera in a couple videos

  8. Grab America by the Flaps

    You blew the welds on the intake manifold-Don Toretto

  9. adrian campos

    Good job big boost. You're doing great. Just turn down the music a little.

  10. Joselito Miranda


  11. arseniy vasylchenko

    good job this video was very good. can you just make the music softer when you talk

  12. Brandon Unknown

    Yu should make your voice louder and make the backroad quieter

  13. Joseph Pires

    BIG BOOST MADE A BIG STEAL!!! Totally awesome dude! This will make for a great drift car and awesome new and exciting content. Your a legend in the making my friend!! Keep it up, we'll do our part as well!

  14. raul69er1

    Man you're awesome I can't wait to see your next videos

  15. Dylan Wolff

    In my opinion don't play music during engine sounds

  16. PenguinActually

    Came up as a recommended video randoly. Was not disappointed.

  17. wallygee408

    you gotta speak louder you sound like a tesla