Boy Builds His Own Rally Car

This is a story I edited for New Zealand’s 3News about a teenager who decided to build his own rally car in his garage and then race it.

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15 Responses

  1. Rlee571

    The result speaks for itself. The car is astonishing now

  2. joey BOYER

    not surprising I mean I seen the barn doors and knew they are rich

  3. w3llplayed

    Okay so its a rich kid? Anyone can build a rally car…

  4. MrSlowestD16

    lmao, they talk him up like he's so amazing…

    Anybody can do that with patience if they have as much money as him.  NOTHING in this was cheap, fuck, most people don't even have a barn, lmao.  All that shop equipment is easily looking at 20 or 30k (lathes aren't cheap by any stretch of the imagination) and another 15-20k for a late model WRX.  I mean I don't take anything form his efforts, but let's face it, he probably has 70k into that car EASILY.  If you have a near bottom-less budget like that then the rest if just patience..

  5. Edwin Pereira

    Some good things coming out of that barn 😀

  6. Patrick Nicholl

    That's cool that he's doing that but stupid move he's welding in a 100% wooden barn

  7. AMYAS Seek Truth

    wow the amount of jealousy and hatred towards this 19 year old is really unnecessary – being wealthy isn't a sin.  If you are poor… join the club. There are always someone that has it worse than you and you should actually step back and realize that you have a lot to be grateful for – I'm glad to see that this teenager isn't pissing out dad's money on booz/drugz/whores – Respect to him.  

  8. Jasons Ernests Mazkalnins

    if i had alot of money i could buy or build a audi sport quattro and drive it, im 12 i can drive

  9. David Moore

    haha snobby rich kid anyone can build a rally car with daddy's money


    rich white young man 😀 ha this is AMERICA where any1 can do anything just need to put your mind in it

  11. Kendrick H

    How did/does he afford the equipment and parts at 19 yrs of age??

  12. Thomas

    Fuck ! If I had his barn I'd make a fucking jet fighter for ya 😛