British Rallying Highlights 2011

Follow me on twitter @Rallycameraman Highlights from events held throughout 2011. From single venue clubman rally’s right up to WRC Wales Rally GB.

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42 Responses

  1. Yoshiku Lee

    I swear the sound of these cars alone , are the only things making me happy in life..

  2. sweetwater

    I really dig that new Subaru, think I might buy one when I'm older.

  3. FeelingShred

    Nice images but I can't quite understand what happens. So, how rally works, they race for position or they race for the best time? And those roads, when there's an event the road gets closed? Would be nice to find a video with commentary

  4. Raymond Torres

    nice cars this rally is tuff very good cars but the old Subarus are bad ass and the european models this rally is no joke thank you…

  5. Robert Bidochon

    +Rallycameraman I love your video, here's my sub : )

  6. Jason Lurf

    9:47 little does he know, the one behind him who corners better is about to creep on dat ass….

  7. 99rsk

    @5:17 there where 6 reasons why the camera was put in REC a little too early…………..

  8. crazyjock999

    excellent video. great sound and no bg music either making it all the more enjoyable

  9. Mark Trenfield

    It's really nice to see so many ex-works cars still getting a thrashing.

  10. Bean

    If the top teams of the WRC where allowed to build cars that went & sounded like that Peugeot @ 5:40….then it would all get a whole lot better.
    F1's talking about going back to the days of big horsepower, safety is all paramount, the cars are stronger & safer than ever etc. Why not upgrade the WRC to the sounds and sights that used to grace forests, bring back the days where they really have to drive and wrestle with the cars to post a good time!!!

  11. ordnas1234

    Dat 306 cosworth, DAT 306 2.9 cosworth!! What a sound!!!


    would be cool to see more mini coppers in this. Nice tho

  13. Дмитрий Кононенко

    Так и хочется сказать команде операторов: "вы, сука, гении, от буквы Г".

  14. Carlos Yovanovic

    excelentes tomas , muy buena estabilidad de los pilotos, se ve q conocen la ruta seguro que yo tambien la hago.

  15. Kakivas

    What kinda rally is that? In many rally races the rule is that it can't be above 2.0