Brooklyn RC Drag Racing

Large scale RC drag racing, 1/4 scale dragsters, funny cars and pro stocks. 5th scale FG Modelsport and HPI Baja’s.

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46 Responses

  1. Coleman Farmer

    You guys should come down to Virginia to race we have some fast cars

  2. dcgc2012

    Now try that with a TRAXXAS OX-1 modified in the mix,that would be fun to see.

  3. Cameron Oneil

    those things probably go from 0 to 100 in like 2 seconds

  4. doc mobster

    my family drag races rail cars (real ones) this is fun too though

  5. jemma marks

    You guys need to get tyre warmers

    Seems like it would save you all heaps of time

  6. George Payazitis

    put a mouse on there with a little helmet on lol.

  7. SquillyMon

    Funny to see how little they know what they are doing engine wise…

  8. RTR Racing

    Any idea where I could purchase the tree and time and software. we are an RC Track in South Jersey and I have been looking to purchase one to start a new club. Any help would be great. The Traxxas one just does not cut it.

  9. Noodles Flawed

    Very cool! Interesting that some of the rail cars have no exhaust expansion chambers.

  10. bluntec


  11. Matt Harris

    I can't see the numbers! How fast are the running in the 1/4 or 1/8 mile? Very cool

  12. Gixxy G

    They cashed in all their P Diddy cd's for these piles of shit.. Stupid road diggers

  13. Eccentric Smithy

    How many welfare checks does take to save up for one of these? Mean while they kids home starving.

  14. Disrespect RC

    Want RC abuse? …If you said "Ohhh fk yea bud!",  click me :)

  15. sandra casey

    yea only if your a dip 10th scale dragsters are cool

  16. pedro henrique martins

    eu nao gostei so fiquei vendo corrida chata

  17. vonshtoyven

    dragsters? pretty cool they should take them off a ramp and use those parachutes they deploy to land it safely