David Hildebrand in the Boogeyman Camaro -vs- Carl Scott in the Honeybadger Nova for $5000 at the No Prep Mayhem event at Kansas International Dragway …

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28 Responses

  1. Ryan W

    No prep with a car like that is too risky. Not my $$ and not my car though

  2. Alpha Gaming132

    I was there when this happened it was scary!!

  3. Scott Fox

    Thank God he was ok. That was an "INSANE" crash.

  4. My Chaos

    Sign says that auto body shop gives free loaners. Hmm?

  5. White trash Ron

    Money can't buy driving skills, 100% driver error . Can't blame the track when his version of trying to save it and lock it up was just throw it into the wall … Don't talk shit on no prep races if you have a 600 hp bracket car and it hooks on a prepped track good hahahahah that's because you're a joke .

  6. Hunt Gaming/Productions

    sad to see they gotta start with new trailer burned up

  7. A Fool With A Tool

    maybe they need to get the roll cage builder to turn his hand to building a proper armco barrier.

  8. Rickey Oswalt

    oh buddy u need thank ever who built roll cage that good have been bad

  9. TaxiOP

    Missed by inches! I wantes the Chevy II to win but jeez I never wanted that to happen.

  10. Chan 3 - The Vlogs

    Wow glad you ok. Safety First

  11. SRT_Sicario

    glad to see the driver was able to walk away… a testimate to the safety equipment

  12. H8_RICE

    I'm always bitching and moaning at you guys for still having those fucking steel barrriers that turn into launch ramps, and not concrete walls. But it got me thinking, apart from the flips I wonder if hitting a solid concrete wall in this instance would have been worse?

  13. Jerry Cr

    Was that guard rail made out of old stop signs and reality signs? How is that nhra approved?

  14. Be Chill

    I feel bad for this guy his car got totaled but then when he was driving home his trailer caught on fire

  15. Chris Harris

    Crow crash was at least 2x worse. The one looked really bad because it tossed a whole lot of dirt. The crow crash looked really bad because it tossed nonstop parts and body. How that engine survived must mean god prefers Pontiac because they basically threw a new set of bearings in it(standard for the crow anyways) and fired it up.

  16. Steel City Constrictors

    That was a rough one! Glad he's ok

  17. cheatmaster15

    It also suck that his trailer burned to the ground when he was headed home that same night

  18. cheatmaster15

    That's why concrete walls are so important can keep you from doing that

  19. rcandminilover

    I,know I was about to say.The,same damn thing.Right,under a…"AUTO BODY" sign.What,a commercial that would make.Good,thing he's ok.