Here’s the first crash compilation for the year… Hope everyone had a good holiday and is getting in plenty of riding and crashing your dirt bikes in the safest way …

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49 Responses

  1. Sergio Alvarez

    The grinch tried stealing a bike didn't work out to well

  2. Zachary Farrin

    half these people shouldn't even be allowed to ride

  3. Dennis Schaaf

    Faster, faster, faster. Whoops, who put that tree there?
    I think my back's broken.

  4. Beastmode222

    BARRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEWDS WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kim Shaw

    First time riding 2 wheel in a race yanked! The front brakes in and snapped my nose but now I've been riding for 6 n a half years so long time ago

  6. Austin Sellers

    @ 5:00 min, the worst wreck BY FAR!!!! that guy looked to be in 4th gear pinned. Then got hit once & run completely over once. That could have easily been FATAL.

  7. Turtle Tazer

    the first one was funny. the secong one scared me. the third one happens to every1

  8. like a real boy

    Most of these could have been prevented if they would just hold on with there knees…

  9. Jared Abro

    Moto have you ever done A brutal ATV crash compilation

  10. Casey Lee

    The Santa dude was just cruising then he was gone haha

  11. dantevillalobos9

    That last one though , sounded like he was crying . Must've hurt like a bitch 😩

  12. RadnickiTV

    I went mountain biking! … The brakes didn't work 🙁

  13. CT MTB

    At this point is seems like every single person whose ones a dirt bike crashes it at somepoint

  14. ivan blanton

    Anyone whom participates in riding a motorcycle is ignoring the wise words of god, and is doomed to burn in hell. Repent now before it's too late. motorcycles are the vessels of Satan. Can I get an Amen?

  15. WeRideLikeThis

    2:05 sooo ausie " u right?" "just lay there lay there" " u right" " whats going on"' "where is it sore"