This video is strictly for educational purposes… on HOW NOT TO RIDE a dirtbike! Brutal Crashes and Broken Bones! 🙂 ✪ Send Your Crash …

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25 Responses

  1. Issac Martin

    The first dude flipped faster than my girlfriend after I told her i fucked her mother and ate her cat… I'm American not Asian btw, racist.

  2. Erase Playz

    I'm going quad biking on the 28th And ima be riding the 300 cc.

  3. KTM200 EXC

    So glad I ride enduro and like technical riding and don't ride like an idiot because i would feel sorry for those guys that don't know how to ride sensibly and think

  4. Busman 900

    5:11 when he was screaming he sounded like lord chin chin from filthyfrank lol

  5. Eric Jellyson

    Last one scared shit out of me. The foot was bleeding and was definetely broken. Wondering if it was broken as in separated from his leg.

  6. xxFOXxxI2ACINGxx

    while it cant prevent all accidents, motocross training courses, instructed by a proffessional, are helpful. most tracks offer them for around $100.

  7. that dude

    i dont care how bad ya crash if ya do eat it on the track army crawl yo ass off to the side dont fckn lay there lol r.i.p.

  8. nastyevilninja

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! Better then a gym workout, I was tensed up so much watching this lol!

  9. Grunty Playz

    ya no once i crashed my atv a mini50 and it felt i was a riped plastic bag on a tree going about 30 mph yeeeea it was pritty bad my gopro stoped recording and the sd card never worked again but the gopro was fine!! and it realy hert and so had my walky talky and so i said i crashed then he respoded dose it hurt and what do you think and he said im coming i haaaated it

  10. Courtney Leopardi

    "Where's my bike? IT'S OVER THERE IN TH FUCKING WATER!?!?!?!" i was dying 😀 😀 :D