Bugatti Veyron **RARE** 1/4 Mile drag race vs Nissan R35 GTR

Music : Sadik Beatz — Rock (Dubstep Beat) Bone Stock Bugatti Veyron 10.1@139 drag strip passes vs nissan R35 GTR …

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36 Responses

  1. Jack Bitter

    Pretty slow quarter mile for a 1200 hp all wheel drive million dollar car

  2. Jovan Calic

    2 milion euro car and 150 thousand euro car.Less than 800ms difference on 400m.V6 vs V16, in my eyes the winer is clear.GTR

  3. dobbins2550

    Any video of that Jap GT-R getting beat is a good one, even if it is old. Fuck GT-Rs. They are fat and ugly.

  4. Kevin Merenger

    and that's the "old one" … lol would love if my car could be "old" like that … Chiron will be at least 1sec and a half under this minimum 'cause supersports is low 9's

  5. Dave Fritz

    Do you guys know my dawg Jesus Christ? I'm sure he'd be willing to put up with your BS.

  6. Dave Fritz

    Dudebro, take it like notchety like down mucho natches and chillax bra

  7. Dave Fritz

    yeah… my dad owns this dealership or whatever bro so don't like freak bro.

  8. Dean Grimsell

    over a thousand horsepower with AWD and yet only 10.17…I'll pass on ever spending money on that thing

  9. Adam Henrickson

    A quarter mile drag is a useless test for a Bugatti Veyron. If you've ever watched Top Gear, a heavy luxury Bentley and a massive BMW sedan can beat a GTR. I don't know how far they ran, but it's obvious the GTR is just geared well for a 1/4 mile.

  10. Georgie Porgy

    buggati $2million a $250.000 GTR AMS will wast the buggati easily

  11. sstevocamaro

    I don't give a damn with anyone says.. Low 10sec time slip at almost 140mph in the 1/4 is DAMN good for a stock car that can go ANYWHERE.. It has a 250mph top speed, and gets you pussy without saying one word.. You gotta love it!


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