Bugatti Veyron VS Nissan Juke R Russian Drag Race

Full Custom Nissan Juke R by Shpilli Villi Engineering. 1/4mile is 10.5s and 211.8 kmph (131.6mph) 1mile is 27.2s and 285.2 kmph (177.1mph). Bugatti…

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6 Responses

  1. Ruslan Babanov

    айро динамика сыграло сваю роль для ниссана

  2. Dimitrius Clicker

    это чем надо было juke напидорасить

  3. Vedi Vici

    the Nissan won easily. The veyron would be smashed on a track by that thing

  4. Petrolhead ks

    nie ma co porównywać bugatti z innymi super samochód za wielką kasę luksus itp A tu puszka nissan


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