Bought another car and its gonna be a drifter! Coby and I started out the day forgetting some stuff and playing on our way out the door! We headed to our first …

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    I know it's a bit late but u should fill the trampoline with slime

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  9. YotamSi

    can you destroy an htc vive in a cool/different/special way? i REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE the htc vive but i didnt see anyone destroy it so im interested! who else?

  10. Melanie

    Are u guys actually going to Hawaii ppl might have forgotten when the Funks said that they were going to Hawaii

  11. Truls Vegard løvlien

    Omfgg Love drift cars man ;)) its so fu**ing funny to watch make more Drift vid's but take on GoPro camera on the side ;))