Can The E30 BMW Go Endurance Racing? [Episode 4] — /BORN A CAR

Ryan and Alex have a month to transform the E30 BMW from a rally car, to an endurance racer. The plan is to enter the 15 hours of Barber Motorsports Chump …

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31 Responses

  1. RJ Till

    I guess we'll find out next time, but ive found the HP+ to be inadequate as a track pad. Crazy good initial bite from cold make them a great autox pad. Check out Porterfield or one of Hawks endurance pads. Also the NT05 is a bit slower than the current crop of 200tw tires. I like the AD08R if you are running 205s. Free tires are free tires though!!

  2. Lenta Jzx

    Yeah do it 4 Dale!
    I can't believe that is on NJ. lol

  3. Bar Gym

    Love it! If this gets one kid to go out and pick up a wrench and get to know his/her car a little better it is a huge win! Keep up the great series

  4. Chris Bottcher

    Digging the reggae cuts in the background 🙂

  5. Aaron Fincher

    I've done the "grabbed the hot soldering iron" dance before. I definitely feel your pain. Now I lick my finger and tap the iron, even if I know it's off!!

  6. LazyRock

    America has so many grassroots races. Drift,Rally,Endurance. I dont even thing people here know what drifting is…

  7. LazyRock

    Wish I had sponsors like they do or some help here and there with equipment

  8. P Kuudsk

    If you have a stuck bleeder screw again,fill the caliper and turn the caliper off the mount so the banjo/hose is the high point and bleed out the air from that point. I have done it many times . just stick something in between the pads to take up the space.

  9. bcredeur97

    Couldn't have just loosened the brake line to bleed them? Or is something weird on E30's that doesn't let you do that?

  10. Blacksheep MB

    Wer schaut denn aus Deutschland zu 🙂 klasse Video!

  11. Michael Bolten

    Nice job. I can't believe you do the front sub alone!

  12. Arto Kiiskinen

    this does not look like Ryan has a girlfriend. Or if he does, she is one understanding lady.

  13. 67bevplut

    Welding a nut to the bleeder screw is the way to go.

  14. Dylan P

    Nice "Do it for Dale" tail on that car. What type of car was that and do you hang with Cleetus Mcfarland from 1320 at all?

  15. Nick Amarit

    Are you guys gonna copyright the rubber ducky hood logo mod? 😀

  16. onepunchtyler

    I'm kinda allergic to botch jobs but other than that, awesome series!

  17. canyoneagle

    Loving the series. Looks like fun! Well, injuries and sleepless nights excepted………

  18. Daniel Brealey

    I hope you guys are better driver's than dancer's!!! LOL!

  19. OddisProductions

    Well done boys. A for efforts. Well prepped E30s are addictive.

  20. Wyatt Foster

    Hey guys, multiple times race and class win in ChumpCar here with an e30. Check my channel for footage.

    Drill the shock towers and physically move the bolt holes over for more camber, run some brake ducts and take the points hit. It is worth it, also use PFC 08 brake pads are my recommendations so far in the video.

  21. Dave

    RE; the issue may have been solved quickly with the right sized 'easy out' to remove that bleeder screw. ( @ 8:35 ) :—)))))))))))