Can two guys drift one car? | Subaru BRZ – Will it drift? | Autocar

Drifting is excellent. Drifting is fun. Drifting is one of the main reasons for getting up in the morning. Drifting is, however, not usually a team sport. Until today.

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18 Responses

  1. 1seipai

    Classic! I suggest it's better to give Essex a miss while all the Essex boys practice in their blinged up motors! 😁

  2. Alvin Adiwira Santosa

    Pfftt… This is boys stuff!

    Stuff that boys do, before they crash 😂

  3. Dbn Poldermans

    Look at how much fun you guys are having. This is what life is all about. Great idea for a video. Please do more of stuff like this.

  4. Henry Blackburn

    That is definetely the KappaPridest thumbnail in Autocar's history.

  5. DaveBibbs

    I feel like you were out of ideas for content so just filmed yourselves pissing about.