Car Plows Through Alt Right “Unite The Right” Rally (GRAPHIC)

Following a night of protests where hundreds of torch-wielding white nationalists gathered, a car plowed through counter protest crowds in the afternoon on …

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40 Responses

  1. amber lopez

    Guess they should have stayed on the side walk. 😊


    Welcome to real life fools. College girls showing up with little purple helmets like it's a campus protest is a sign they don't what they're getting into. Those "Nazis" are just clown wannabes and not the real threat that groups like ISIS pose. In the Middle East and Africa guys show up with guns and machetes. There's a romantic attachment to the sixties but that time is gone you tools. Both sides are being used to divide and conquer by the new world order.

  3. Angry Goyim

    How Come the white cars air bags didn't go off or the grey dodge?

  4. Romans 8:18

    The ear rape in this video is off the wall. Any way this is gross

  5. Bill Rebello

    Islamic terror = not all muslims White terror = all whites note: he hasnt been convicted second Zimmerman trial inbound wpww

  6. Tyler D.

    they fucking deserve it all of them. the lowest forms of society all
    right there. Only fucking retards go to those stupid fucking god damn

  7. Jeremy Tienda

    maybe he was trying to get somewhere m these idiots n a public street made him late lol maybe they shldnt b n a street where cars drive everyday lol or maybe they shld look both ways before they cross the road…protest stay out of the street people I'ma go get my protestor badge so i can do what i want on any street n highway too lol protestor don't make u God people it makes u stupid for being n the damn street. oh but we're protesting uhhh i don't give a fuck this is a street protest on the sidewalk I'm late because of ur idiot ass

  8. squareyellowpaper Warthog1950

    The Alt-Right has lost all respectability after this past weekend"s events. Find Jesus and repent.

  9. squareyellowpaper Warthog1950

    How disgusting! What kind of sick minds put Derek up to this act of terror?

  10. Crash Pad

    oh no no no I think all Americans are mistaking again.. this poor lone-wolf who plows into the protestors must be a Pakistan-Muslim terrorist right? or some how must be connected or maybe have muslims friends and had a peg of Muslimodka in the morning and somehow the spell would have worked on him.. he is innocent leave him be will ya! catch the Pakistani-Saudi-Syrian-Afghan-Terrorist who are behind this right.. plz plz go catch them.

  11. up and down

    Nazis and the Boogy man are baaaaad, baaaad, baaaaad.

  12. 7dan


  13. Disgusted

    block the streets get run over. What a bunch of dumb fucks.

  14. W Zen

    Try and find the dead white girl. You won't. This is a hoax.

  15. Rolando Mota

    Dodge Challenger. Made in America 😁😁😈😈😈😈😈

  16. Rolando Mota

    This is better then horror movies😈😈😈😈😈😈😬

  17. Tyler Ponsart

    It's ok they were J walking and he's late for a 3 pm hair appointment

  18. The Senate

    Once again, The new Wolfenstein game looks amazing.

  19. MrTehnoobshowfan

    Aw man, that was a nice car. These protesters ruin everything.

  20. wootuser

    Why was ANTIFA allowed a counter protest without a Permit?
    What caused the driver to speed into the crowd?
    And don't say because he wanted. What prompted him to floor it ?
    DO you feel like your missing the beginning of this story?

  21. Philip Zamora

    You know what I just noticed from this angle? The guy who backs up accidentally hit the guy in front of him which caused that car he hit to run over these morons in the street. And, yet, all of the news stations are painting him as some sort of terrorist.

  22. papinbala

    yea this is all of your fault you dumb mother fuckers. go home already. enough with all this antifa far right far left bullshit. don't you see whats happening. the government is having fun with you people and instigating this. smarten up fuckin go home before more people get hurt! stupid fuckin protesters that shit is getting old and people are getting hurt.

  23. The Worst Channel

    Why do they call themselves NEo nazis if they aren't even nazis. They are fake nazis. Hitler would be disappointed and probably kill them or experiment them.