Car Racing in Pakistan

Pakistani youth is enthusiastic about extreme sports but they got no oppertunities on government level. This short report shows how crazy they are and under …

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48 Responses


    Even u if porkis get a track ….ur cars won't even go above 150 kmph

  2. Talha Aza

    dumb we have track lol we have one many tracks but won't show it we have very big racing track in LAHORE and Karachi Islamabad

  3. dumb Indians

    so poor country dose't have race track fell pity on younsters

  4. clarky clarky

    I drive a Mini Metro so fuck off, it's better than you shit cars!!

  5. Abhishek Mishra

    Its really nice to see pakistan having so much interest in car racing …the cars are really nice but kind of old school

  6. Nikhil Pandey

    haha..saram karo..mullo..!!
    pakistan me ek bhi track nahi hai..
    india me dekho…
    kitne track hai…!!
    buddh international circuit is my fav.
    proud to be an indian..!!

  7. M Abbas Khan

    Shut the fuck up assholes!!
    stop discussing religion in the comments…
    its a video about promoting car racing

  8. Adam Mickiewicz

    Its a video about car racing and you talk about religion and bombs.. 100% sense.

  9. Syed Saad

    @Don dressel. you dont seem to know what good or bad is. all western goverments and media are spreading Islamofobia all over the globe and are killing muslims with drones and other weapons for the sake of OIL and other resources and financial interests. so i think a muslim speaking out and defending themselfs and their God given rights and resources

  10. Don Dressel

    Not all Pakistanis are bad but they seem to be angry all the time and want to kill in the name of religion which does not make sense!!!

  11. Don Dressel

    you want them to drive eastern cars? actually I was hoping for camaros and challengers and mustangs!

  12. ItsVinz

    real GT, tune a skyline right and it can beat a 6litre dodge charger in a drag race.

  13. ItsVinz

    lol. you don't know how rich people are there, its just the custom tax that fucks you over, those nissan's may cost $10,000 in US or £5,000 in the UK but there it costs 4 times more due to the economy so do not talk shit about their cars because they can afford it and you cannot.

  14. CombatHub

    Fuckin hell man! I live in england but the next time i go pakistan ima check out one of these races!

  15. shani leo

    this is not india its pakistan logo ko roti mil he jati han tum apne fikar karo jin ki awan roti na hona ki waja sa mar rhe han wo be 59% allah ka shukar han pakistan ma aysa kuch nae han

  16. grease monkey55

    Pakis arnt rich they can't afford sexy cars like us Arabs lol

  17. Kante Wal

    It is the not the Govt job to provide facilities for them. They should have the ability to reach the right person in the right business companies to get sponsered. Show your talent and if you deserve the facilities and appreciation will follow you.

  18. Hanan Shah

    race should heald in pakistan we need that passion over here as well as :!

  19. jabran ali

    agr kisi ne marna hy to apne liay marna hy per marne se pely har admmi ko apna shoookk pora kr lena cheeeyeyee ;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;

  20. farhan arif

    Han support karo car racing ko taakay roz koii accident ho aur roz koi insan mar jae laanatt….

  21. MunnuM Khalid

    what happen to you what are you talking about I m Pakistani i m not fuckin Indian….lol

  22. Jubei Yagyuu

    hey stfu you dumb bastard who gives a fck if you did that get on with life that was 30 years ago fckhead how bout you dumb idol worshpping indians go back to where you came from your country smells like cow sht and dirt

  23. Usman Ghumman

    Hey you mind your language…..Dont ever thnk to say anything about my PAKISTAN….we are the best and for your information our society is donating money to poor and deserving people,, i thnk more than you people….ha u talk about western way of life …plx give it a damn shit……Pakistan is a muslim country and we all are equal…..Mind it.

  24. TheZeetskeet

    They don't have the right roads, security, or properly equipped cars. Shouldn't be allowed.

  25. Afaq Ahmed Mumtaz Ahmed

    Yes bor's same in Karachi but I did in Dubai with my brothers Evo 6.5 tme an won supra of my one of my best friends after that he overturn is car now no more?