Car vs Horse EPIC drag race – American Muscle

Who is faster – Car or Horse? American Quarter Horse Smoke Squall vs Mopar Dodge Challenger race car in an epic drag race. This is pure American Muscle.

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38 Responses


    They wanted to make the horse look like it won so fucking bad they made horrible fucking editing so we don't see shit try a 4 wheel drive car vs horse then see who wins

  2. XLR X

    Fucking editing sucks so bad it will induce epilepsy.

  3. Rummy MX

    I feel like it should be a Ford Mustang instead of a damn dodge, racing the horse it just makes sense.

  4. AKS

    The American Quarter horse……such a classic animal, and possibly the most versatile horse on the planet.

  5. Amir Rashid

    fucking video full of editing. it was not a race just shooting.

  6. Spare Phone

    the next horse I'm getting is that one I love them omg

  7. 01011010110010 100111001001

    Oh come on even a Ford Fiesta can beat a horse at top speed

  8. Agata R

    The whole video would be much better without this pointless editing.

  9. Ninad Gawde

    Fuck this race, sum1 ride that damn horse. i'm taking that pink cuttie rider on a date . . . heeeehawwww

  10. V Max

    if u have car u need 4×4 for mountains / dirt / rivers etc in shot difernt cars for difrnt traks but if u have horse feel free to go any where 🙂 m i rite ?

  11. الحجايا الحجايا

    الخيل العربي رقم واحد بالعالم

  12. zfghty uuyghju

    Horses are better in short distances.
    Cars are better in long distances.

    Also there's something called 'brain'. It's super effective in simplifying your life. For example if you have one, you'd probably not make stupid, pointless, shitty-edited videos about a car drag racing a horse and this will save your time.

  13. xxEquestrian Ellaxx

    i love this video cuz it shows the power and speed that equines have 😀

  14. Eric C.

    How is this even a contest lol?

    What's next? A Blue Jay vs an F22?

  15. Al Kaholic

    Just show the race without all the shitty effects!  Makes me think the horse couldn't actually keep up so they had to edit to make it look convincing.

  16. Guy Fawkes

    Oh america you nwo lobby usrael Full of criminal zionists

  17. Elaine Sloman

    Why such negative responsive ? a Quarter horse is the fastest over a quarter of a mile  a thoroughbred is faster over longer distances but again staying power comes out top to a quarter horse due to the build of a Quarter horse who can go all day without flagging. Just enjoy the clip.

  18. joão moreira

    Um cavalo alcança no máximo 80km por hora. Um carro como esse alcança quase 300km por hora. O cavalo não venceria um calhambeque Ford 1915.
    Creio que nem uma cheetah e seus 112 km por hora venceriam um velho Ford 1915. Haja. . Mas o vídeo foi válido pela poesia das imagens.

  19. angelofmalice0

    I think u should do a race around an oval dirt Track next time.

  20. MyEuniqueequestrian addicton sky

    Stupid a quater horse has the same power as, a car

  21. That Jumping Belgian

    they should have used an english or racing saddle and a off the track thoroughbred