Car X Drift Racing HUGE Update CUSTOMIZATION!! Widebody/NO Hood!

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44 Responses

  1. CW Iqbal

    A yo slap, why is my game is not the same as yours, it only can customise the wheels, i need some explanation please !!!

  2. HaxOnFire

    I've been waiting for this man, now I got no internet, so I can't get it, guess I'll just have to slap the meat


    I guess this is pc version right???yeah it is on pc version…but..why we dont have these customization on android or ios…😭😭

  4. Tristan HOONIGAN

    When does android get online lobby's i really want to play with my brothers

  5. влад мамыкин

    "Турик нада брать" хахахахха Russians in chat xD


    I'm sipping some honey lavender with a drop of lemon juice…. So strong!


    Supra kit but I want this update for mobile so bad look at that supra!

  8. mario arita

    Yo slap why did they took the hondas out of the game in these new updates???

  9. Damonerxleben

    I just said fuck it and deleted it 2 days ago😭😭😭 I should've kept it 😩😩😩😭