Car X Drift Racing HUGE UPDATE!! Dodge DEMON / 1967 Shelby GT500 Builds

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24 Responses

  1. Genericwhiteguy73

    My favourite track is Milton drive, only cause it's Mount panorama. I'm a simple Aussie, I see the most iconic V8 supercar track and I instantly have a fav track.


    That comment by cam is actually kinda bullshit tbh there is a youtuber call popcy12 DK this guy puts the ackerman at lower then 50% and trust me it helps a lot u should watch his vids slap

  3. Savoury Lobster

    Remember when video descriptions were used to describe videos. Huh.

  4. Financedhawk 410

    iOS version is SUPER OUTDATED Android got revamped so yea

  5. Coolerdash

    If there were to be one car in carx that is not in the game right now, what would you choose and why?

  6. Vehiel Plays

    Wheelie Drift Tap? and the Dodge that they added was the old version a 2013 Year Model they should add the 2018 Demon Version 😛

  7. Chameleon Agario

    Ive been waiting for that custom ebay handbreak link for half a year now

  8. João Antonio Fortuna De Mattos

    Vão tudo toma no cu seus gringo do caralho

  9. Vitalis Deikus

    mr.slap, you sir dont hold angle couz ur trying to drift w/ 2sd gear, tune up gear ratio about 5.20, and slide with 5th gear, and it will be beast, it a game and i see u dont understant abit… and when u see camber on -7.20 use it!!! ITS A GAME NOT REAL LIFE, IT WORK ALOT DIFRENTLY THEN IN GAME THAN THARE.. i know this bcz i play this game for like 2years or so.. and realy good at it.. so take my advice please