Car X Drift Racing! MERRY DRIFTMAS 1200hp Santa Truck!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Tweet me your gifts all day @SLAP_Train Buy SLAP Merch HERE! …

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29 Responses

  1. Tinkle Ass

    They should remove some of the barriers at all the tracks. I used to go off track all the time and use the dirt trails for fun.

  2. Ahmed Farag

    the update is great and all but why can't we turn steering assist off i was just getting used to it and i updated the game and i can't turn it off now

  3. Ryan McManus

    I got bf4 a headset for pc but I play Xbox shoes clothes and knives

  4. Juicy cobra 12 Jaydragon

    hi slap i have a nother chanel it is phone gamer please check it out

  5. Sebastian Snopek

    slap make in all cars wheels & suspension like a nissan silva in drift.

  6. Riley Becker

    slap Lmao once I completely went off the road on the touge and hit that Chinese shit

  7. Vincent Delos Reyes

    hey slap you can actualy go up the parking building

  8. Vincent Delos Reyes

    i fall off the mountain and the MPH goes crazy it can to 500 and up and up

  9. Meadow Laur

    I got a new tele gutair I built my self and I got an xbox 360 yeah I know it is old but it does not need wifi so I got a 360

  10. Elizabeth Wolf

    No I don't have the track but you can get out of the map in any map


    My Christmas I got a new Xbox one, my dad got a farrari have no idea what it is called but it's my profile pic, I went to taiwan, went skydiving (scary), a new BMX, VR and new NMDs

  12. Bryant Payne

    I got mainly a Xbox one s my gt is XxsavagekiddbxX add me if you play gears of war 4, gta 5, or forza 3