Car X Drift Racing NEW Update!! R35 / MX5 / Lancer + NEW Track

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43 Responses

  1. Bradley Cracks

    And you i always go 5* combo whole map but somethimes when i get to close to the bridge with out me hitting the wall my drift failed and it says you going to wrong way (;🤦‍♂️

  2. Earl Fourdyce

    Anybody else hit the later thing when it popped up lol

  3. Ezra Wilson

    +slap can you plz play tourque burnout they made a new update for it

  4. Ryuichi Hndko

    hei slap, do a top 10 drifts of the week car x drift edition!

  5. Mr Python

    I HAVE THAT GAME!!! I have the first one when you start the game!

  6. Asta Lipniuvienė

    To do a burnout you have to be first gear and then hold acceleration then brake at the same time and yup A COOL BURNOUT!

  7. Ryuitse

    to devs if you are reading this update is awesome but the new map has little bugs that stops your combo which sometimes is frustrating and i have really shitty frames on my 5s anyways keep up the work love best mobile racing game <3

  8. Leah Cedula

    what is the title of that game? plus is it on the phone?

  9. calvin ludlow

    slap if you play training mode you don't have to worry about time limits

  10. db_assasin 3

    heyy slap you can chose training and still drift with out any time and drift anywhere you want

  11. Nismo Rish

    when going over the hill i also have the issue where the drift fails

  12. Jose Rodriguez

    mobile games listen more to the players than the actual game system like call of duty.

  13. jeandre du toit

    why slap why????? leave the lancer ???? thats so disapointing 🙁 the lancer is the best car in the update

  14. Electro Games

    He slap what do yout think about a drift battle on this game??